sistahood. i keep a small circle. (since i was a child! you lucky — if i include you, in anything. and no! means, no!)

doesn’t she look like her son’s girlfriend! thick! and mixed black! (that’s cuz she has — two kids! [she also, has a *drumroll* job!] she’s a computer engineer! a wife! and a mother! go somewhere you — hoes!! lmao!)

Um, that chic in Atlanta is not a cheater. She, has been cheated on. Big difference between you and your hoe moment — twitter — living. And hers. She also has a — job.

And, you — black only. Not brown. So stick with your dumb shit.

“Miss Angela Davis”. *side eye* tryna fuck with other people’s men. that’s — exactly — part of what black women are fighting.

what, you think because i’m bipolar brazy! you have a right to fuck with people I love, cuz i’m just — trash!

no. you trash!! a trash ass black fat sloppy hip hop hoe!! and no one is buying you a ticket, to australia. tough!

you’re not wanted. and you not about the sistahood.

Let me make this crystal fuckin clear, to you — hoes!!

My mother is white! And is more black! Than some of ya’ll!

My mother has spent her entire life! Supporting Black, Brown, and White women — in poverty. With no baby daddies (and not, by hoe moment choice)!

And educating — fathers! On their rights and responsibilities. Supporting ya’ll (and she never received a fuckin dime — in child support! With zero family to help her. Before, my father came along.

So you can take your hoe moment, five husbands, child and alimony support paying, immaculate conception whore!! asses. Somewhere else. No one gives a fuck! About your TRASH!! Lifestyles.)

It’s pretty bad to eat tuna. Endangered and full of mercury. Try a super salad. (But not mine! Which, is really good!)

If you want to lose weight.

Don’t think you can tell an HIV positive person from one who isn’t, by body weight. I’m thin, and HIV free. I stopped eatin when I got extremely depressed. Watching my ex chasing after the hoe!! Dream Hampton.

It was a mental, diet.

Dream Hampton fat and sloppy. And she the HIV queen.

(Again, thick and fat? Two completely different things. All ya’ll fat chics better stop pretending you thick. No, you are not.

And it is insulting. To THICK BLACK WOMEN! 😡 these chics be havin 4 fuckin kids like, stop lying! You look the same age! And your body look like 25. 😒 but, they aren’t lying. Their oldest son/daughter? Not their boyfriend. Or homegirl. Those are — really — they kids! Lmao!)

Exactly — No! No money! Better ask Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore to pay you. You busy supporting they stolen “art”, built off other people’s shit. And think I’m paying you for tweets?

Bitch, you crazy!! Go sip some bougie tea and complain about men saying “good morning!” Street harassment!! (These hoes have — zero — to write about. Racism. And being hypervisible on social media. Which is exactly what they wanted. Since, they stay hypervisible. “I need it for my “work”. No you don’t. Write a book. Off your own life. Like this:

I don’t want to deal with racism or men. Don’t speak to me. I want makeup. Alcohol. Food. And to fuck the uber driver, because even though i hate men — and secretly, my patriarchal father who never did shit for my mother — I like dick. I’m a pigeon brained bitch?)

(Be careful with these hoes, men! When I say “I don’t date”. I mean — totally. I ain’t fuckin — nobody!

I like YG. Why would I want to hurt his feelings by putting on a whole bunch of makeup, seducing men on twitter, while talkin shit to them. [that nigga like, fuck yo food!! Taco Bell! Lmao!], and not doing shit, but stuffing my face (which is why you fat. Not thick) complaining — about men.

Another immaculate conception mama.

Yo cookin didn’t keep that nigga! Must have been the nastiness. And you — cheating — on him. Tryna find a man with more money. To pay you. For having a baby. Which is like, the easiest thing to do, make a baby. You just, take off your panties, spread your legs, lay there, and wait for that nigga to ejaculate. You don’t have to — do! — anything.

Try having 24 kids for 6 to 7 hours a day. Then come see me bout some “mommy” shit. Okay? I spend more time with your kids, than you do. 😒 lmao!)

i am amazed at “black” women, without jobs (because they have to deal with “racism” Lmmfao! who think they are entitled to something because they have a lot of followers on social media. “you don’t engage my blogs”. you right. i don’t. cuz i got a blog as well, that no one pays me for. Including you, who actually reads it. I don’t read your shit. Cuz your character sucks. And I ain’t paying you for retweets. Lmao! You do not, nor have you ever, written as much — or as honestly — as me) and I have 2 other jobs. i ain’t sittin in my house talking bout “fuck you pay me!” i’m working. and, writing a poem a day.

chic like, “i need a vacation”. from doing what? you barely do shit. but tweet and stay depressed. writing. and drinking. and complaining about men?

you better take that shit up with yo dad. all the black women i rock with, be bustin — ass! and, can cook, clean, all of that!

you ain’t black!


back on facebook. weeding out the real!, from the fake!!

if you a hip hop, bisexual, bipolar man. with a black wife and three children, going to link with Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore? cheating?

ya cut.

this is bigger than what city you from. this is about who is a good human being who does the right things by other human beings.

and who is a hoe who just wants a handout. and has — no job.

lots of people can cook. me included. quite well. my food is bomb!

i just don’t do it that much. it’s only me. and i prefer cooking, with my man.

i don’t think it’s a woman’s job to cook and clean for no nigga.

especially while, working — 3 jobs. lmao! that nigga can cook and clean for himself. cuz, he has a good mama! who taught him that! YG know how to cook, clean, do his own laundry. I mean, what’s the point of having a man if he’s a child?

i want a man who can do — everything — a woman can. period.

(why aja brown — mayor of bompton — like, you go girl! i know that’s right! slavery is OVER!!)

(oh, since i have a job? 2, that make me money. cuz, fuck some “art”. a sista gotta eat! and help some other peeps! i don’t have to eat in all the time. i’m on cooking — strike! my white housemate? was raised by a staunch republican father and mother. who taught his ass, how to be self sufficient and independent!

do — everything!

it’s his sister’s who make all the money. they husbands the ones cookin and cleaning!

that nigga cook, clean, do his own laundry. he don’t ask me for shit. but my 1/2 of the mortgage. it’s excellent! he my homie for life! cuz he understands, treat a hoe like hoe!! and a woman, like a woman! i just bought that nigga some magnums.

cuz, i don’t know what his sex life looks like, “i don’t shit where i sleep” lmmfao! but let one of these hoes try to touch him with some HIV!! DEAD PIGEONS!!

he bought me, some socks. construction grade, for my timbs. cuz he was tired of me asking him, for his. i kept forgetting. they’re pink and purple. lmao! it’s excellent to have — good friends!)

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