Surfing time! (I will definitely take being an uncommon mixed black chic. Over a common white, or black girl. Any day.)

High! 😍

And just beginning…

Plovers on the west coast! 😊

Plovers on the east coast!

Walking! Healthy!

We’re back!

Malibu with my new little friend. Cuz she wants to surf the big waves. Lol! She’s From Montreal. She has a thick accent. French. And then I’m driving her to LAX. She’s only 18. And her dad is freaking out! Cuz she extended her stay. I had to talk to him and everything.

😳 lol!

Neither is your HIV infecting “friend”, you sloppy FAT!! whore, mad black thot, prison culture, common white girl!!

Dream Hampton!!

Jessica Moore is originally from —



Black Lives Matter is a bunch of man hating “vaginal interlockers”. Probably all HIV positive. Supported by some scandalous niggaz making money of the murders of black and brown people.

I can’t stand slogans. Especially race based ones. Whole lotta trouble.

I’m beyond race. I already realize most of ya’ll are part neanderthal. I’m part of the more advanced homo sapien sapiens.

We’re evolving.

You can’t stop progress. Hoes!!

Ya gotta go!! Lol!

Save me!



This is YG when he is healthy. 6–8% body fat.

I gotta get him on his Paul Ryan game!

What you playin in those headphones? 😒

I know!

Looks like I need to save his ass! No Venice beach slummin it for you baby!

I’m tryna help these kids!

I only fit in when I don’t take a shower! And they still like:

“you’re so beautiful. Inside! and out! You’re an angel!”

I’m a regular ass human being!



It totally baffles me why women will give up their bodies so easily. To men they don’t even know.

Your father’s did a horrible job raising you hoes!! You need to beat the shit out those niggaz.

How you gonna have a daughter and not teach her her value as a woman. With a focus on her — mind — not her body.

My father refused to even allow me to have a boyfriend till I was almost 18. Let alone wear makeup and walk around with my ass out.

I got books for Christmas. Makeup? I didn’t start wearing lipstick till I was 17 years old. What little girl needs makeup?? All up in the techno show, with wigs on and some skimpy clothes and hooker heels, at 14 years old.

No niggaz were allowed to buy me shit!

“Where’d you get this trash!! You haven’t gotten your first paycheck yet!”

“I don’t care! Don’t play with me Erica! Lemme tell you somethin…”



*the fear of god!* lol!

We goin right to that boy’s house so I can tell him, and his mama, about themselves. My daughter cannot be bought!

(I believed him. 4hunnid percent. No man has ever paid me, for sex. 😳 prostitution? Strippin? 😳😳)



I would have been grounded?



That’s the — only — thing I like about Jay Z.

Besides Beyoncé. Consequently.

That’s Dream Hampton who be ridin that niggaz dick. Jay Z could not come near me if he paid me 7 billion dollars. 😷😷Lol!

I ain’t never bought a damn thing that nigga has “created”. I don’t like his music. At all.

I like his kid. And I am so happy she don’t look like him!! I don’t want to look at these niggaz faces!!


I am sooooooo happy Beyoncé got strong genes! Let’s all pray that her son’s look and — act! — just like her as well!



Hi! It’s the lefty takeover! You’re so cute! I like your REAL hair and no spray tan!! 😘


Back to my future husband. Who looks like one of those homeless niggaz on Venice Beach.


But is wearing his glasses, so at least he can see! And has a full head of natural nappy hair. That is not rogaine, a headpiece, or weave.

And he doesn’t have a spray tan. 😒

Nor, has he ever been married. 😜



He does have competition. But even though he has a crush on me?

That little boy is too young for me. And his sister would NOT be happy!



(I’m proud of you Barron. 😊 For trying something different. I know how hard it is to push your comfort zones. Nice job!)

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