Serena Williams would KILL John McEnroe. In tennis? It would be over with. Lmao! And that’s the only person he would not go crazy on. Cuz she would tell the truth! You right! That was on the line.

All those muthafuckaz sheisted John McEnroe. Cuz that nigga bipolar brazy. And he didn’t give a fuck. Fair is fair!

(He is my favorite tennis player of all time! And he's one of the best male tennis players? In the history of tennis. All skill.)


He used to make me be like 😳 lmao!

Before John McEnroe? Tennis was fufu. And boring as fuck.

My cousin is so funny! Her son is always Shea buttered up! When he stays over his other grandmother’s house? Not his ga ga. That’s his real! grandmother. His aunnie’s. That’s my mother. My cousin is like, it’s winter. You know how white people are. 😏 lol!

he need his: a line, and thermal tucked into his jeans. Then his tshirt on top of that. Then, his hoodie!

And always some clean boxers!

My lil Bilal the spic and span kid! Dirt? What’s that?

He likes NOTHING dirty. Lmmfao. That nigga think my shit dirty cuz my books are stacked in organized piles on the floor.

He like Ben Shapiro. He’s “organized”. 😒


Back to my homie harambe!

Imma break this whole video down for you!

1) this is my child now!

2) this nigga dirty!! Lmao!

3) drag him through this water real quick! That should fix that shit? Rapid draggin! (Evil ass neglectful white parents! See: Jessica Moore and Dream Hampton. 😒)

4) lemme check his underwear. They cleaner now? Good! Wanna stay wit us?


That’s what the fuck happened! He was tryna take care of that baby better than his own damn parents! Lmmfao!

(Don’t get me started on zoos!! 😒)

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