A special mother’s day shoutout to Ms. Shonee Jackson! I don’t know how you put up with that boy! But, I think he’s wonderful!

and now we all know where he gets his beautiful smile! and nose! lol!

the irony of black men. these niggaz LOVE they MAMA’s. they have ZERO UNDERSTANDING that they MAMA’S ARE WOMEN! really! sexual human beings! they had sex! like, gettin it on! to make your dumb asses!! lmao!

before they were your mama’s? they were women! many of whom were lied to, cheated on, and stolen from — just like the niggaz you are!!

excellent work niggaz! ya’ll are genius’!


i don’t really fuck with my family too tough anymore. my biological mother is dead! and my mom is busy with her sons and their wives! total isolation. they think I'm crazy!! that all of this is “in my head”, but everyone else knows it isn’t. don’t ya’ll!! a total — crucifixion! by hip hop whores!! my dad cool though. but we got some things to work out. only my sister in law (not a mother), and my cuz (mom, of lil bilal! who, i will be calling. to tell her how much i — love — her! she got an — excellent — husband! who is making sure she’s taken care of! catered to! exactly like she should be! that chic got like, 50 jobs! most of them — unpaid!) other than that?

i’m not a mom! so, it’s all work! on behalf of mostly single — not by choice — mother’s, kids!

work! (paid labor!, and free!!)

happy mother’s day to every — good — mama on the planet! much love!

omg! can you help ms. w, dr. gates? she lives in cambridge as well. ms. w looks like she’s 1/2 asian, but she’s not. she’s white! and has been told that all her life. that she must be 1/2 chinese! lol! she wants to find out what’s goin on in her family tree. she got the epicanthal fold, and everything!

matter fact? you should do paul ryan’s. that nigga got indigenous american blood! and i’m pretty certain, he’s aware of it! he can’t get enough of bows and arrows. lol!

omg! TI don’t want no divorce! how i’m gonna come chill if you get a damn divorce!! ya’ll purposefully tryna get me depressed wit that dumb shit!!

he loves you tiny!

ya’ll need a therapist! offline! stat!

mary j. blige is not no queen!! EMPRESS! stop tryna lower — good — women’s status’ to your harem hoe shit!!

busta rhymes bipolar ass caught in 1991. i guess he didn’t realize that the black man is not god!! and that women aren’t earth’s revolving around some pigeon brained niggaz sun!! patriarchy on its way out homie! judgement day is comin for all you hoe moment niggaz!!

revelations! lmmfao!


the new 5%ers are raising their daughters — like suns! sorry! (and yo mama is not a queen. she an empress! anybody who had to put up wit yo ass? empress! get it correct! [happy mother’s day to busta’s mama. don’t make me call her! *side eye*])

clint so “smart” that nigga love black people cuz of maze and frankie beverly. lmmfao!

i love black people, cuz guess what we built? an entire country! for free! (dumb stupid fuckin ass ben carson. talkin bout some “immigrants in the bottom of slave ships” — high as a fuckin kite!! jefferson sessions better lock that nigga up!! he’s on drugs!! and is a dealer!! cuz he writing his own prescriptions!! don’t forget jessica hoe moment moore!! that bitch stay sniffin coke!! in the jazz club!! let mike pence fuck her first. if his — wife! — says it’s okay. lmmfao!)

ISIS need to help me! keep your eye on these white supremacists (not to be confused with white nationalists!! if white nationalists gotta go? so do the black ones!!) ya’ll ain’t white! lol! (you can leave david duke alone though. that dude just doesn’t believe in race mixing. clueless, about human biodiversity). and don’t mess with my righteous jews! or christians! i don’t care what you do with the fake ones. tryna lock up all black and brown people with this dumb ass war on drugs, instead of going after — monsanto!! which is fuckin up your food supply as well! see: autism! right little baron! (that lil boy smart as fuck!)

thanks! lmao!

oh yeah! happy annivesary to remy ma and papoose! ya’ll are, truly, inspirational! it’s fuckin — amazing! i’m tryna come to your crib and chill! bump that! lol! tiny and ti’s. i’ll go there as well. i know they got a pool and 5,000 kids lol to do cannonballs with! beyoncé and jay z! me and little blue could color and shit. with our left hands. lol! elaine and dave! (dave is my main man! who wouldn’t want to chill with dave chapelle and his fam! lol!) where kim and kanyé at. me and north can talk about those dope eyebrows she has. and, how she should — never — mess wit them! i’ll kick it wit FJ as well! she got a man! a good one! and a happy ass sex life! get some for me! I'll live, vicariously, through *push* lol!

i’ll even go to janna and paul’s! they probably gonna try and make me build a compost or some shit. install solar panels to earn a meal. cool. i got a nail gun! lmmfao!

complete — joy! black joy! lmao!

that’s all you do trudy, hide under the covers. and tweet. YG ain’t DM’d you yet? YG, hit up trudy!! thetrudz , and, her friend, “ miss angela davis”. they both tryna get at you. they both need some money. for tweeting. and cooking. and blogging. and maybe sexing you. my dominican ex, has none. money. but they can hit him up to. if they want to. i don’t care. now that we on it, they can fuck with all my ex’s. leftover trash!! i don’t fuck with those niggaz. ex’s. they didn’t appreciate me when they had me. they got other women (which matters not, to these chics. unless you’re a superstar with money, and then they won’t even attempt to fuck with yo husband, cuz they want you to see them. and hand over money. lol!)

that’s how they perform anti capitalism. by asking you for your money, that comes from working in a capitalist economy. lmmfao!

(while you’re at it, hit up jessica Care moore as well. she definitely will fuck you. no question. be careful, she the rockstar that’s being discussed in chris brown’s song. lmmfao!)

(zendaya on it 2!! get some of that narrow ass!! prince royce has! i’m sure if you ask around, so have some moore and moore and moore and moore and moore dudes. lol!)

(dream hampton waitin on you in london. she got a catered purple meal on deck, off that social justice activist money, just to feed you. and sex? no question! you can tap that ass. just make sure you have the cash!)

(we already know you ain’t goin out on your boy, chris brown, so….rhianna probably off limits. but, just in case. she *anti* red though. though i don’t think she meant that kind of red. your kind of red? she on it!!)


back to talib attacks on white rappers. i think, he thinks, they comin for his title. lmao! that dude is pure entertainment. i don’t listen to any of talib’s music anymore. i just check his twitter to see which white rapper he’s “battling” currently.

at least he left ben shapiro alone. that dude is totally unphazed by talib kweli. it’s awesome. his responses are so funny! lmao! (uh oh. my bad ben. lmao!)

talib, why do individual white people affect you so heavily? I mean, do you really believe that those individual white people are the cause of all the problems on earth? you realize one of the biggest problems is this mixed black chic who’s fucked 1/2 of hip hop (and they boys, and they daddy) — who’s on your label. jes-sic-a, who cares more about herself, than any other person on the planet? the bitch is a hashtag. lmmfao!

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