bang them in the head…

i’m a lady. always have carried myself like a lady. always will carry myself like a lady (minus the high heels and fancy dresses. i like jeans, and bootz. most comfortable in those. and i like to be covered.)

i BEEN on this. i wore my queen latifah and monie love out! it was so bad, my brothers would tease me. one jokingly, one rather resentfully. guess which one has been catered to? lol if you don’t respect ladies? you don’t respect life. so yes, equality between men and women? is a necessary prerequisite for respecting life. (illogical ass mofo, jacking my name, for twitter. and of course, it was jacked in 2012. october. by a libra man. which one of them, i can think of three. 2 who actually touched me (unrighteously, cuz they KNOW how i roll). another, who is about to be in the hot seat and got a very stiff hug — and a stare down, that i won. that’s all. i’m not that big on clubs. let alone, poppin bottles in the VIP section. i’d rather be in a library, with a capricorn. they understand the value of a good woman. a good woman, doesn’t play people. she posts the people who inspire her. now. before, all my writing? came from MY MIND. not yours. and only beyoncé used it for good. to tell her OWN truthfilled story.)

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