Black and Tan anyone?


You’ve stolen from black people long enough with not one single red penny to anyone.


Shaun King bout to be shot in his head. By a white Irish IRA cop. Who loves hip hop. Better watch his back. In Boston.

They ALL know who he is.

Soul? What soul?

Stop copying AHI. Hoes!!

Stay that way Talib. For lying on me with the biggest whore in hip hop.

Produced by Erica.

I have no dues to pay.

But black lives matter?

Has a lot of them. For HIV infections to black people. For making money off black and brown death.

Ferguson, anyone?


Yes. I do. God is a “him”.

I’m a HER! And I have never infected anyone, again and again, repetitively for the dumb ass student. with HIV.

That’s you — Talib.

“The black man is god!!”

Patriarchal black men with harems of hoes. Infect BLACK WOMEN with hiv!!


I don’t have HIV!!

You do!!

Wrap it up in a snug fit lifestyle condom. That’s what you get for fuckin wit hoes!!

And not righteous women.

Like your — ONE WIFE ONLY!


I have zero tats. Not one. My ex thought I was lying. Till he saw my beautiful body.

Like, wow! You’re not lying! About anything! Including your loyalty!


🍕 anyone?

(You gotta love yourself. Hug yourself. BUY! Homeless kids pizza and tacos on the fuckin train! At the fuckin beach! In Houston! It’s not a song!! It’s? My lifestyle! HOE!!)


Yup, watch this Neanderthal sociopathic pork eater. Wit the super fat ass.

GMO meat. Anybody can get an ass and hips. You haven’t seen these white chics?


Why is her ass so fat and round, and mine is small and petite??

Steroids. GMO MEAT!!

Who has infected black, white, all kinds of men with HIV. Calls her son “yung jobless”, pretends she’s a child in middle school. While the teacher. Keeps her mouth shut. and listens to her kids.

And, who cheats. On her man. Who does not know. He is HIV positive. Cuz he does not use, social media.

Basic, hoe.

Actually dad. YG’s MAMA! Had an incredibly difficult time getting his behind through high school (glad I could help! Teacher! Lol!) He’s an EXCELLENT reader! His tats? Represent all his struggles. And he loves! and supports his MIXED BLACK daughter!

He has like one space left on his entire body. Right on his FACE!

Or, ass! Lmmfao!


Get busy.

(It’s a joke. If you put my name on your body? I’m WHOOPIN YOUR ASS! 😡 I am not a tat!!)

I’m not fighting for peace and justice for any twitter hoes!!

I’m not fighting for peace and the “blessing” of hiv!!

I’m fighting for peace! and harmony!

For the planet!

Selfish bitches!!

Good thing I’m the female version of Malcolm X. Who had ZERO hatred for white people. Post Mecca. And that’s why he was murdered.

I support my baby! As a mixed black woman! Keep it specific!

“I like white folks, but I don’t like you!” — YG

Ditto! “I like black folks, but I don’t like you!” — erica

This is dedicated to my dad. Because, me and Ti-Ti were in love! With Madonna! Cuz she was a virgin. 🙃 And, we tricked him. On our way to the cape!

He almost drove off the highway!

To swim — in the ocean!

And spray *Sun In*, in our hair. For blond highlights. Which is really? A bottle of peroxide. Lmao!

And he was like, I’m so glad you 2 like classical music. *fresh air* NPR. With birds, tweeting, every morning at 7 o’clock.


We didn’t like that. At all. We liked? HER!


YG mama think I’m tryna steal her son!


I’m not! He’s your son!


But you can’t do nothin wit him. Lmao! I mean I know he’s SUPER FINE! but that’s cuz of you! and his daddy! Thank you mama and papa YG! I mean, it ain’t my fault he love the teacher. I don’t mess wit NO young men.

My — father — who’s old enough to be YG’s mama’s father? Lol! Already about to kill me! Like, oh no the fuck you are not!

He’s a 27 year old gangster ironhead with a kid he probably doesn’t even support! His body is one big tattoo. He is drinking and smoking marijuana. I saw his video.

He is extremely disrespectful to women! Why are they all on their knees shaking their fat behinds?

Where is his mother?


A high school dropout who can’t even read!


What did I tell you about black men from the streets? Imma whoop your…


Just in case you wanna try it? 4c? Ya’ll really got grades for your hair? Never heard of this dumb crap. Before black only twitter.

Ludicrus! 😒

We ALL can swim! Lol!

Different homegirl. Hood as fuck! That’s my bestie, the REAL Ti-Ti’s older sister. The one who WORKS at Red Lobster! And is not interested in Jay Z. Nobody wants ugly ass Jay Z. But Beyoncé.

That nigga is SOOOOOOO lucky! I don’t know what she sees in him. I don’t even like his rappin. Lol!

Isn’t he Beyoncé?

The best thing about Jay Z?



Though everyone does call my bestie Beyoncé. She’s extremely pretty.

“Chics be gettin into it. Specially pretty broads”. — de la soul

Her sons? Like ALL the boys in that family. STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

Sittin up there like, Nigel will try and get wit you. He’s been with a couple of my girls. And she was correct about her own son. He did.

Like damn! You fine as shit! 😮




Her sister will beat yo ass silly! Razor blade in her mouth. Street/church lady. Lmao! Lookin at us like, I know you 2 did not just role down my stairs in a fist fight! 👊🏾👊🏽

Not my fault! She was doing her makeup! And I needed to take a shower!

My shower was more important than her makeup!! She don’t even NEED makeup!!


uh uh!


Bipolar brazy! 😍

She is 48 years young! And that’s her real hair. The Dominican blowout!



The breakthrough is this…

Kids do not need shopping sprees. For makeup, tats, weave, wigs, hooker heels, fake nails, and — implants.

They’re KIDS! Lol

They are — literally — HUNGRY!

Gotta eat!

YG does not understand this. You know why he doesn’t understand this? Because YG was poor, but never hungry. You know why YG was poor but never hungry?

Because his mother?

Had a job!


Incorrect! I grew up on food stamps! Lol! I am a FULL SUPPORTER OF THE WORKING POOR!

Because that’s what 99% of black people are. Working in poverty. I don’t know where people got the idea that black people don’t work 🤔.

The only black person I even know who collects food stamps and “welfare”. With no job at all. Is a single mother of four children who was beaten 1/2 to death by her abusive baby daddy. And lost her peripheral vision.

He destroyed her career. Driving for the MBTA. And she is so depressed. Because she was making good money. 65 hours a week. With overtime.

Don’t tell me I don’t support poor people. I’m poor! And I STILL give my money to hoes like you. Who I thought were struggling. Turns out, you’re the 1% of black people in America? With no job.

Shut up. Lol

Go shove your face with White Castle. Call your son “yung jobless”. And collect that child support. From his dad.

Who has a job.


Cuz it’s ripped off my life. You can’t write shit without me. And, I don’t need my body back. I’ve always OWNED MY OWN BODY!

That’s why you’re a jobless hoe. Because instead of doing what REAL artists do. Which is NOT EASY, you refuse to do any work at all. That does not include sucking dick. And taking one up the ass. For payment. How “dreamy”.

And men in hip hop now don’t respect ME.

I, on the other hand, will do whatever I have to do. Dig fuckin graves — with “convicts” if it means I don’t spread my legs.

Deliver fuckin pizza. Sick as a dawg!!!! From your abuse. And the rest of black twitters.

And even entitled to collect food stamps. “Go to the welfare office erica. File for disability. You have a real mental illness. You’re diagnosed. Bipolar. You’ve worked since you were 14 years old. You’re entitled to that money.”

I say, no. I’m gonna eat collard greens and kale and — mustard greens. From the Chinese supermarket (thank you china! 😍). I will survive these horrible human beings.

Correction. Sociopathic evolved Neanderthals. With zero creativity.

And fight to get my life back. Out of your hands. Hoe!! Never to come near my past, present, or future.

Or, anyone in it.

And Denzel Washington is married.

And has been. One wife only! Blue!


Since 1983!



Yup. Food stamps.

Have fun!

And the man hating lesbian. Patrisse Cullors. Who should have asked me about The Combahee River Collective statement. And not Dream Hampton.

Or, HER! Since she helped write it!

We gotta get up for some ‘erb! And Indian! Lol! (She has no biological children. And tons of kids! And dates — men. 😮) Blue!




They were addressing the patriarchy of the white supremacy in “Black” social justice male dominated “activist” movements.

Welcome to HIP HOP! Not Jazz. Not rock. Not techno. Not classical. Not gospel.



Dismantle — Black Lives Matter. It’s a lie.

Hoe!! Devil hoe!! Gas masks!

Donate you greedy selfish hoe!! There’s a huge hurricane in Houston!! All you talk about is yourself.


hoe is “acting” out how to get her hoe moment body back, with her legs closed, messing wit nobody else’s man. Infecting no more people wit HIV!! And running her mouth. Lying. Because nobody else can get their bodies back. Including the BLACK! women who’s boyfriends you fucked.

Because you wanted black women dead.


So die — slowly.

And don’t forget to post a pic!



What’s MY name? ERICA!

God is an American!

What’s her name? Beyoncé! And she gives back to her people! 😡


Best male singer in hip hop! My kid! Lol!


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