do you ever get tired of dream hampton always finding a way to access your man? and just wanna kick her out of shape ass? i mean, she speaks about jay z like she’s married to him.

we know he’s your husband. :) and, that you’re super creative. it’s a truly original work. it’s not the same, at all, as looking up a bunch of facts on the drug war, compiled by other people who get little credit, having someone else narrate them, someone else draw them. and then acting like you did something. what you did? was bring some artists together (which you are not) to produce a work that didn’t need you. it’s not YOUR art. jay z could have produced that — all by himself. with his WIFE’S help. find your own man dream. stop schemin on other people’s shit, cuz you’re a miserable excuse for a human who jay z would not touch intimately if you were the LAST woman on the planet. lol

i mean, *lemonade* — is that ISH! so HONEST, and EMPOWERING!! and created — by beyoncé. with the help of the somali poet, warsaan shire. who you accessed, dream, intentionally. after reading my writing where i give warsaan shire? her props. you used her too. you scandalous. and fugly. inside, and out.

that don’t hurt me. warsan shire is super dope! are you still angry bout that dude? and being number 2? lol get over it. you will ALWAYS be #2. it’s just circumstance. i knew him first. and i didn’t do him dirty. ever. i loved him. YOU did him dirty. because he loved me, and he could not get any like he did from you — i’m not a cheap hoe. you are. that’s just what it is. can’t change the past. make a better future. peace.

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