No word from trump on this! No word from trump on this! Um, everybody knows who Donald Trump is…an unrighteous man!

We don’t know who you are though. Or, why you really got your ass whooped. Hmmm…lmao!

Until Shaun King tells his very personal story about who he really is? I’m not interested. I like Rachel Dolezal better. You know why? Because she feels like a black woman. And, she worked for disenfranchised black people, FOR FREE! As some head of the NAACP. Which most black people don’t even want to do! Lmao! I’m sorry ya’ll. I don’t have any beef with that woman at all! I do agree, she shoulda just been honest from jump about who she is? But many “black” women can’t even do that. And use their privilege, and don’t admit it. *shrugs*. I do think what Shaun King is doing, is righteous however. But he’s no transparent Kaepernick. Miss me with the bullshit.

I told ya’ll dudes you were gonna get pushback. Lmao! Hard. It’s part of educating yourself. And now that we’re on the topic? It’s not just black and brown people being killed by the police. It’s white disenfranchised people too. Who don’t make the news. And that might be why so many white people in America are so angry. Because they feel like no one sees them, or cares. And their anger? Is totally misdirected. They should be angry? At Wall Street. Not me. I’m fighting for them too! Lol!!!


Um, I’m a woman of color…a brown woman. Much browner than some folks. I have no light skinned, green and blue eyed privileges at all. And I have experienced police brutality. Personally. Not writing about it. Not because I went and sought it out for the photo op. Living it. Not desiring it! Just like one of those individuals who has lost their lives at the hands of the police. I was very very lucky. Because an Irish cop, and INDIVIDUAL, understood me when I was screaming “you better know your fucking history of oppression! Your grandparents would be ASHAMED OF YOU!”

Black Lives Matter is HARDLY a terrorist organization. Lmao!!! 😳 It was created by three black women I have no connection to at all, besides participating in their efforts by peacefully marching with a diversity of people, and not on a stage to sell books. It’s very key to “judge” people by their individual characters and not the color of their skin. There are all types of people who participate in the Black Lives Matter Movement. And those women, in my opinion? Are not doing a very good job of showing it. It’s one of the reasons I stopped participating. Because there was a disconnect between my life mattering to them, and their insistence that all black lives matter. (I’m mixed. I prefer the term my church going, gospel singing and super poetic homie invented, Blk? Because it’s inclusive and I never felt like I wasn’t wanted. But in America, with its black or white only? I’m black only. At least, that’s how I’m viewed.

Except, I know the truth. And I will not be denying my mother. Ever. Would you deny yours?! I’d really like black women to think about that. If your son or daughter rejected you and denied who you were because you are black? Would you be okay with that?)

I love The Black Lives Matter movement. It is one strategy to combat the injustice and inequality that so many black and brown people face in this country. And necessary.

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