This is what a man who caught a woman cheating on him, does. She wasn’t willing to take the time and put in the work to teach him what is correct. And love him. Back to health again.

I think I answered that. Lol!

Keenon. My ex’s are the people who have to live with their regrets. They realize, oh shit! All the money, fame, a name in the world. Can never replace. Her.

It’s not because of anything complex. It’s because I loved them when they had absolutely nothing. I don’t live with those regrets. Money, name, fame. Mean very little.

Love is #1

That’s how you get a girl like me. Love. Over everything.

(Thank you for going out on a big ass limb. No abuse. No running. No other women damaged. That’s how I know you love me. YG.)

(And if you were a woman who built off me. Without showing sistahood and solidarity. Oh well. You’ll live. Don’t do no shit like that again. Sistahood is extremely important. Be Blk. — Avery Young.

Calling my auntie now while making this snack. No pics needed. Then on my way to tropicals. This is what I just finished.)

I went light weight today.

Photo Credit: Shonee Jackson


You look like such an unhappy man. Like you gained a whole bunch of material, and are questioning whether the shady way you went about it was even worth it. Lying, cheating, stealing. Causing an innocent woman incredible amounts of pain.


All you industry niggaz are unhappy. Because you spend all your time chasing money. And hoes. And devaluaing what’s most important.


You are surrounded by material and what do you have to show for it? HIV. And a shitload of overpriced cars and clothes and houses. You cry in by yourselves. Like why did I ever step out of bounds like that. Chasing hoes.

Was it worth it?

Piece of advice?

Good women? Can’t be replaced. If I were you? I’d let her know that. And you are a very lucky man. Because instead of having multiple baby mamas you have to answer to? All hurting? All abused.

You have one ex wife and three beautiful daughters. Who never did shit to you. You didn’t catch her cheating on you. What happened was, you cheated on her so much. And because she’s human and needed love? She did it back.

And you almost lost your mind. It’s not just men. Women do it 2. They act like patriarchal men. And are better at it. In some instances. Cold blooded.

This is what happens when men and women do not respect each other as equals.

I personally choose to deal with the pain all by myself. And write it out.

No equality. No respect.

Never forget who was there for you from the very beginning. Who built your whole life. Without her you are nothing and no one.

And you have to live with those regrets.



Go get her back. Simple shit.

Bout to head to the pool. Then to tropicals. I want ackee and saltfish for dinner. Even though it’s Jamaican breakfast food. Going to make a call to my auntie. Check and see how she’s doing. Do my mani pedi routine. And do some work for school. I need to be planned out for the week. I’m a little behind. (Gotta pay my credit card and water bill. I almost forgot.)

We have a field trip this week. Museum of Science. Where we are getting a special presentation on weather and water. And I need to hit up a couple parents who I know come through to chaperone. The MOS is the dopest. The kids faces are 😳. Couple permission slips to chase down.

And, there’s a new student coming from PR. She is the cutest little thing. Her pic is in the system. So I got to see her little round face. I gotta think of something special for her. And since she likes flowers. And reading. I got her on both. Gotta figure out some ish for my 403b. Hit up my cuz to plan our lunch date. Cuz I sent that email bout my personal day. Think we’ll do Vietnamese. 😋

I’m walking. I kinda dig having my car parked. It’s given me a chance to get extra exercise in. I’m biking it to the pool and back then walking to tropicals.

Have a great day! Think I’ll listen to some Talib Kweli. Reflection Eternal. And some Geto Boys. Then, I’ll be ready for a nap. I found a dope ass wetsuit online. And I’ve been meaning to invest since this surfing thing is really becoming an addiction.

It is a spiritual experience.

Have a good one ya’ll! Love each other up! Don’t forget that all peoples lives matter. Even the person you think is irrelevant. So smile and be kind to all who you encounter. It may cause a chain reaction. And you might just get a smile back. And a, damn! You ain’t got on no makeup? 😳

You know how it goes. 🙄 lmao!


It’s dope!

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