It’s not her fault her hair is straighter than yours. Ya’ll were hatin!! Hard!! That’s Halle Berry! At 50! Whaaaaaaat!

That’s like me. With a nappier head. Mixed black. On a good day. Minimal makeup. What? (When niggaz think you Halle Berry tho. “You are beautiful like Halle Berry…” 😒 you ain’t gettin me to drop my jeans. Hoe!! Lmmfao!)

Anyway hoes!! 😒

YG want pussy! He’s a cis male! 😌 (and no. He don’t want no hoes. He just looks at ya’ll. Shoots videos. Throws you some cash. And keeps it movin. Like the hoes you chose to be.)

Peep the uneven tan line. Lmmfao! And no makeup. 😒

I’m a Taurus. He ain’t givin no more hoes. No more money. 😳 To damage him. And break his spirit. In that world? All ya’ll hiv hoes? Out of business. Better call uber. *they need a hoe policy, any uber hoe who decides to fuck in the backseat, must use condoms — or be — Impeached!* Lmmfao!

Don’t put yourself on the list bitch. Yo ass can’t entice no ISIS. Stank pussy hoe? Hiv infecting? Oh no!! Ya gots ta go!!

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 )

(That chic think a man wanna suck on her pulled out, stretched out, abused titties. Ummmm….no. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂)

(Exactly! There’s no biological need for your HIV infested pussy. Kids in — AFRICA — growin immunity to ya white supremacist morena ass!! You look like Jessica hoe moment Moore. Just stretched out played out. Lmmfao!)

This Bad Dominican bitch!! Is so stupid!! She don’t even realize!! Danez is GAY! He don’t want no pussy! He just loves women! without sexually harrassing us. Tryna rape and abuse us. None! Of! That! Trash!!

It’s possible to love and respect women and be gay! I know this — for a fact!

She think that nigga want me. 🙃

He doesn’t! Get over it! He just showing support! For women!!!!!!!


I love danez! That nigga sooooooo funny!


all 7's!

(Perfect! His poetry on a rap track! And I know he will respect me and my choices. Cuz Danez? Truly loves women! [i’m sorry. I’m working on loving another man at the moment! But you can be our homie! He’s my friend. Danez is.] 😌)

This twitter chic is very sick in the head. She thinks that men don’t know biology. And hate women.

I think, that the few men I’ve been with intimately — I’ve taught — to please me. I am not having bad sex. The idea of not having an orgasm to satisfy his needs while I have to masturbate after the fact to get any gratification?

Ain’t no America Dream.

Like I said, I’m a visionary. And the men I’ve been with? Learn to satisfy my needs.

Keep hoeing. I stay celibate. Cuz I ain’t no cheap trick. And I don’t find any personal gratification in fuckin — as a business. That’s all ya’lls shit!!

I have a brain. I use it. Lol!

I hope you know, that I choose marginalized, undocumented immigrant children, kids from the hood raised in poverty like me, the marginalized and disenfranchised with 15 followers, over strippers, hoes, and people who spread HIV — so that those same kids are affected , and the cycle continues— over you.

And, you already do know. I write circles around you. And other people’s tweets.

Nobody is discussing cis men only. I’m saying, that for me, I want a monogamous, fall on the heterosexual Kinsey side of the scale. A man who does not lie, cheat, or steal.

You can continue to be a hoe. But you cannot continue to spread HIV. Or, you go on the list. Facts. Deal with it.

(I’ve already been pregnant. The last thing that I was going to have was a man who I thought I was going to be a single mother with, with no support from him. That’s some bullshit. I ain’t no immaculate conception hoe moment mommy. And I decided I would not be treated like one. See: planned parenthood.)

(Nope: biology is real. Science is important. I enjoy understanding that I am a biological woman. Doesn’t mean I discriminate against trans women. Quite the opposite. It means, know your lane. Don’t ever speak over or for women — born women. Let me help you understand your position.)

I rarely expose my body. Not because I don’t have a nice one. But because I find men don’t respect you the same when you do. I think there are multiple ways to protest as a woman. Covered and Not. I used to keep my head covered all the time. An energy shift. I was treated differently. Respectfully, usually. When I chopped off my wild naturally untwisted locks, I stopped covering my head. Another energy shift. Men felt more free to approach me.

I don’t like skirts and dresses. They really aren’t practical for a woman who squats at student desks, or who moves a lot. Like a man. You have to worry about things like, who’s looking up your dress. And that’s unwanted and unnecessary attention. I enjoy being able to sit with my legs open on the front steps of my crib. Smoking a fatty. And not worrying about who’s tryna see my pussy. So often? That no niggaz even bother trying to spit game to me like that. They already know they ain’t gettin shit from me. I don’t get down in that — fashion.

And, I have — A LOT — of respect for highly educated women.

This is about as naked as I get, 99% of the time, in public. My man can see me naked. I’m comfortable with that, for me, personally.

ya’ll lucky you get to chill with your FRIENDS. i’ve actually been in a huge battle, for four years straight. It’s been very isolating. i think some of my friends are afraid of my online activities. Which consist of — writing the truth. but, as soon as this is over? and people make restorative justice? my friends will understand. my — original — friends aren’t friends I know, from online. we go back to elementary, middle, and high school. I — originally — met them, face-to-face. Before social media existed.

Taurus’ are not super social extroverts. We don’t like being forced to be social with everyone just because it looks fun. It isn’t.

Best Talib song. “Awful people are good at parties”. This is true. fake people— usually. I’ve seen like 7 people, who I don’t already know? That I have any interest in having more than a cordial “good morning! hope you have a great day!” And mean it — Connection with.

I don’t trust many people. With excellent justification for this. I used to be very open and embracing of a wide diversity of human beings. 5 years ago. #notanymoore . And I’m not sorry about it. Anybody who supports women and men who infect other people with HIV — intentionally — and will fight with you about why this is okay? Because it’s “art”


Is never to be trusted. And I think that’s the correct thing. *shrug*

(Restorative justice or beheading. I prefer the former. But that latter works just as well. Same results.)

every single time TALIB retweets his “hidden colors”, i just start laughing! like, it’s okay. be the non gangsta you are. we accept everybody — in hip hop.

don’t start talib. (that ain’t the number 7 *side eye* that’s 10 hoes, probably in your harem. lmmfao!)

i’m pretty sure we’re black, and mixed black though. that’s correct, right Kendrick? please make a new rap! quick! Lol 😘 (I love you! *To Pimp a Hornet* subtitle: I know a butterfly when I see one. She ain’t in the backseat. She sits in front. Lol)

i have to watch this again. it is fuckin hilarious! (that’s the type of bookstore i used to ride my bike to. to read bell hooks. for free! with my bumper sticker on my bookbag that read *a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle* — which i had no idea was a lesbian saying. i had no idea, it was a lesbian bookstore. it was really diverse. racially. i just thought the ladies who owned it. were nice. now that i think about it. i don’t think they were all ladies. lmmfao!)

(i like men ya’ll. i know Dream Hampton was on her mission to make me into her. she wanted every man on the planet to turn his penis into a vagina *nooooooo!* lmmfao! but, i really like penis’, and i really like men. all kinds of men. one — in particular. so fuck you hoes!! your shit is about to end. *sunlight through decapitation* lol!)

(oh, if you’d like? you can use my free anthropological research on medium, Jack Dorsey. i actually have a dual degree, english and cultural anthropology. if you want, you can even — pay me! lmmfao!)

mike brown, had he known about you Dream Hampton, woulda ran in the other fuckin direction. yo out of shape sloppy ass swimmin across the Atlantic yet? then walkin from the Jersey Shore, to Newark? And don’t forget your indigenous american “friend”, she can ride across the country on her rent-a-horse and pretend she’s — Sitting Bull — or some shit. She ain’t even got no arrows to go with that bow. She has a Dream catcher. For you 2 — nightmares!! It’s “art”. lmmfao!

“i fuck wit rich white boys in my hood. jersey shore nigga” — outlawz. (that is, consequently, where my mom learned to surf)


GOOD! this is the BEST! news i heard all week! make sure there are an equal amount of some BLACK! anthropologists. psychologists. sociologists….(trained, educated, ones — not copies. I mean, actual degrees! and make sure black WOMEN!, head that team! start with Dream Hampton!! and Prison Culture!! *she’s a case study for the record books.* I don’t think they have a category for her multiple mental illnesses in the DSM. my cousin lookin through her’s, like, I have never seen anything like this skank bitch!! what is she? Hitler??

Pretty much. Thanks! )

to get any pussy from me? is nothing short of a — miracle! — really.

(and any dude yelling for white people to get out of anywhere, on malcolm x’s birthday? are not actual revolutionaries. i think what malcolm x was discussing — post mecca — was full integration and equality for black people in the united states of america. any white people down to make that happen? his friends. not his enemies. I, agree. as does, YG.)

(pop it, shake it! *side eye* i like that track. it’s growing “in” me. lmao! like that dilznick! [it’s a joke lmmfao!] i’m just horny, cuz I never — eve-r — get any. i’m also patient. and extremely picky. i can’t just be givin up my shit to anybody and everybody. all through hip hop. *gas mask. full body armor* my dad didn’t raise me like that. *dead* lol!)

back to happy things! in my Virgin Mary tee!

you should watch this, my love. it’s really good!

that’s my boy nick, from elementary. he’s a neurosurgeon. he offered to teach me. for free! but, i kinda wanted to learn in cali. which he agreed, was a better wave. lol (i feel like i need to keep “saying” this…no. he never got no pussy. no means no! lmmfao!)

Actually, bad dominicana, you’re late. 2012? That’s really late. I was discussing — with an open mouth — “white male capitalist patriarchal supremacy”, before you could talk. I was reading bell hooks.

Do you know how to swim? Are you an actual mermaid? Or just a hoe?

(no wonder my ex in the dominican republic don’t like no fat asses and fake eyebrows. he’s like, no. no thank you. muchas problemas con nalgas grandes. condomes. todo el tiempo. it’s his opinion, but that nigga can see far beyond asses. he also knows what good pussy is. *shrug*)

(hahahahahahaha! the coon edition? is you. only coons infect people with hiv, intentionally. that’s some white supremacist shit if i ever heard of it. i’m a morena. i know who i am. thank you for your black only [morena] input. and your goth lifestyle. which did not come from cameo. those niggaz ain’t goth. the people on *portlandia* are, when they’re acting. with they deathstyle. nowhere in the dominican republic, are you a negra. nowhere. and i think you know that. you need to stop speaking for black women. and speak as the mixed black woman you are. and always have been.)

(ode to amara la negra)

(i didn’t invent her beat. lol! i just asked to interview her, a while back, and she said — si! porque no?)

(actual dominicans, in my experience, are overall — extremely friendly and welcoming people. they get really happy when they realize, oh! you’re not one of those bougie american bitches who comes here and acts like you’re better than us, and knows everything. with all your privileges. you keep your mouth shut, and listen. you actually know how to get your hands dirty and use a — machete! correctly! where did you learn how to do that?

jamaica. daniel. aged 12.)

(matter of fact? i think the problem is domican americans. and jamaican americans. they are so imperialistic. they get one drop of privilege and then start speaking for everybody in the countries they do, or do not, come from. they like house niggaz on a plantation. really. ya’ll can give me harriet. she was a visionary. brazy.)

Back to dedicating song, in love. Because that is my character, and I don’t like being forced to come out of it.

I’m the woman who stops children from crushing ants. Because I get sad when I see kids think this is funny.

Watch how they work. Isn’t it beautiful! That one ant can lift so much weight, and when it struggles others automatically step up to help.

I’m looking forward to summer and 4th of July — healing — hugs. Because, it’s true.

You — gonna be aiight — love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

And that’s where Malcolm X and I differ. Someone who is depriving me of my rights? I reach out to them — first. When they threaten my life or make it clear that they are not interested in whether I live or die. Then I know they are my enemies. And they are treated accordingly.

As a teacher, I’ve learned the way young people solve problems is not by saying, “we’re enemies”. It’s by reaching out. Having a seat in the circle. Where the “enemy” first begins with “I’m sorry”. And explains why he/she did the thing(s) he or she did. Then the person affected by this “enemy” explains the impact the “enemies” actions had on his/her life. Then restitution, what the victim of that “enemy” needs to have happen to be made whole again, is discussed. And it is the “enemies” responsibility to — act — on whatever is agreed upon.

If the crime is so egregious that it has affected the entire planet? And the “enemy” still chooses to — feel — nothing about it? Then you are talking about a terrorist, of the worst kind. That’s when you say, just like Malcolm would, “by any means necessary”. And he would kill you 2. In order to prevent any further crimes against innocent human beings — from occurring, ever again.

Of course, I’m a woman. So my first instinct? Is to nurture, and work intersectionally. If it fails?

Then machetes — work — just as well.

4hunnid! 😡

Pardon me, Dream Hampton? I would beg to differ. I think a fascist is someone who knowingly spreads HIV all through hip hop for 24 years. Stalking me (when I didn’t even know your ass existed). Says hip hop has nothing to offer you when you’ve stolen a shitload of money from these niggaz. Creates an entire backwards ass network of black people to push forward your evil agenda (I hate all men. And, erica. America. Lol) Sees no problems with this. And then jumps ship when things get 2 hot 2 handle on some marginalized people’s social justice activist money. Not to mention stealing people’s films.

You like the KKK on steroids.

And America is spelled with a “c”. As is my name. Although I understand when people spell it different ways.

You a sociopath!! You feel no remorse.

I’m bipolar! FURIOUS! I can read all your “signs”, which had me fighting to live against your twitter torture for the last four years, ya dumb pigeon brained bitch!!

Newark! with your fire!! spreading!! sociopathic!! whore !!— Jessica hoe moment Moore!!

(What commerce am I directing? Telling niggaz to give back money? Um…that’s what they should be doing. If you have 850 million dollars, and it only takes 55 million to change all the lead pipes into copper in flint? Addressing the water issue, and taking the first major step to fix that shit? Then I think that’s correct.

In fact, I hope Dr. Dre does it [he doesn’t have to. It’s his loot]. But I hope he does, just to spite your ass. Since guess what you could not get from him…

no money!

and no dick!)

This is “Dream Hampton” at the end of the video! Lmmfao!

This is my shiznit! When this dropped at Howard? The whole west coast went brazy! Us east coast niggaz had to admit, they were finally on the map!


Interesting…(hey georgia! Those black and brown people I like in ATL are the most revolutionary black people in America. They super black! They kinda conservative as well. They got slave labor jobs. Solar panels. Be goin on nature walks. Composts. Growing they own food. Marching for justice. They even will feed you if you hungry and white [unlike those evil people on twitter who actually had the nerve to put out some sign in their campaign to feed hungry people talking bout how they were only going to feed hungry black people. I don’t like those kind of black people. That’s not what black is to me. Those black people in Atlanta are feed the people. Not feed the black people only. Lmao!] 🙃 !)

Farrakhan need to link with them. Get some hip hop in his life lol!

Playing my tiny (miniscule) 🎻, for predators.

Men and Women.

And, back to Boston. And mixed black violin players. Lmao!

Hey, worse things than impeachment in the world. *Shrug*

That won’t be stopping — me.

The day a white man attempts to stop me?

The day a man attempts to stop me.

Will be the day all the prophets come back to earth, to save your — hellfire!! — hoe moment!! asses. lol!

mattbellassai and theferocity (whom i know lol), are you 2 men having a problem with hoes making restorative justice? tough. you could have a billion little hearts. that doesn’t change my position. lol my completely — sober — position. did Dream Hampton include you in her sociopathic devil game as well, theferocity? a game that’s been going on since you were, 7.

There are some things, that are bigger than any president. It doesn’t matter if yo mama is in office for some niggaz. They, and a lot of people right here in America. Want the issue of HIV and AIDS addressed, and put in check. They want this country to stop destroying their countries, step up on climate change (since we’re the world’s biggest polluters — we become the world’s leaders in addressing it), put big business and super capitalism, in check as well. And I agree. Again, tough.

Use a condom.

(Now I understand what some gay black men told me when I was a little bitty girl. Not all of us love women, erica. Not all of us do diversity.

I watched a lot of gay men die.

I will not be moved.)

Malcolm X?

A Taurus. YG a Pisces. Lol

(My dad told me Malcolm would be on his soapbox in Boston Common in the morning, when he was on his way to work — and in the evening, when he left from work. And how white people would listen to him, like he was — different. And black people would call him crazy. They probably meant, brazy. Lol *shrug*)

(I might have to get those glasses. I’m blind. They would go well with my never been touched

— eyebrows! Lmao!)

I’m glad those niggaz love each other so much. The foundation of any functional relationship?


Like this…

Role models!

Excellent! I hope ya’ll havin a fuckin conversation about nuclear disarmament! Since ya’ll have such a great “working relationship” As the two biggest nuclear powers on the planet Lmmfao!


Like, get to SERIOUS topics!

Who. The. Fuck. Cares. About. The. Head. Of. That. Organization!!

Not me!


Get to it!


brazy life.

i roll to the gas station on my personal day to get my organic american spirits.

it’s the white cop. the east african. the meth addict. the iraqi dude. and me.

in a heated debate, about donald trump.

white cop: he’s a racist. a privileged, spoiled, bratty kid, turned president. he needs to be impeached.

the east african: donald trump reminds me of living in ethiopia. we need some law and order.

the meth addict: i think donald trump is mentally ill.

the iraqi dude: i think donald trump is a catalyst. let it all just come out. all the racism and hatred. let people deal with it.

(i took the side of the meth addict and iraqi dude.)

(i just realized, i was the only woman in that conversation. lol)

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