breaking cycles of pain and abuse…

you never go back to what hurt you. you never abandon who loves you in real life. and you never capitalize on someone else’s life. everyone’s life matters.

we each have our own story.

tell yours. the real one. not the one you are trying to build off my words. i’m a human being. in a lot of pain from the abuse you all are creating. leave my ex’s in peace with the women who hold them down, now, when you were nowhere to be found. what you ladies are doing?

it’s wrong. police yourselves. take the L. i’ve done it. twice. not because i’m a bad woman. but because bipolar disorder makes me trash. just like being blk. just like being a woman.

and money means more than love.

try to be better than that. i’m going to cry now, because i realize? you won’t stop.

2) *schools not prisons* vote. cross out the “e” replace it with an “a” — the spanish way. (admirable work. keep going…)

3) the mom song. “The Black Maternal Mortality Rate in the US Is an International Crisis” (this is true. great post…). you missed something crucial. that page hasn’t been touched in years and years. those songs have been up there ever since he met his wife. he wants her, to help him. or me. if i can. and i will. but his wife has to understand? it’s business only. i’m not trying to hurt her or steal her man. i’m really happy with the one i have. righteously.

the 2 men i’ve loved…

they’re taken. i know, it hurt me too. so,

i went and found a new man. someone who will not abuse me. i’ve had enough of that.

stop being abusive “vampire” women. love yourselves.

(tk: no knockout. reach out to that dude. ya’ll are both hurting each other. be the first to reach out. do it privately. in dm’s. or, send an email. his tweets aren’t protected. i just think he blocked you. live, the solution. you’re my HERO! stop using people. it’s wrong. you have love from all corners of the earth. you have a fam. you have mad talent. and you’re rich! lmao!! what more do you need to be happy? if i’m doing my best to be happy with none of that? you certainly can reach out to that dude. you’re so mean. just stop being mean to people who have far less power than you do. really. show the world what LOVE is. stop that other nonsense — if you can.)

(at this rate, i’m never gonna get healthy. so much…no love…)

(the only black man i see in politics who is not a racist, who doesn’t compromise his principles and loves everybody equally? is the mayor. lol i hope he becomes president. i’ll give him my vote in a hot second. 4 years from now? i’m down! *happy*)

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