beyoncé is a BEAST. that’s what i mean. do not touch an earth sign’s man/woman.

they won’t go near yours either. we respect other people’s relationships. so much, we will make SURE they stay in them. you love him/her? excellent. prove it. for the rest of your natural life or you will never be at peace. all your money will be gone too. you won’t have ANY nice things. :)

push us too far? you might wind up?


i understand EXACTLY what beyoncé is talking about. and she has my full support.

1,000,000,000 percent.



(i’m that chic who will jump in my car, drive 400 miles to your crib going 100. and watch you run. coward. i’m super duper crazy, if a man cheats on me. because i’m super duper loyal. and i care not about the police, the fbi, or the nation of islam. tell those niggas to come too.

i do not go for “a man will be a man”. um, a man will do what you allow him to do. you gotta put that nigga in complete check, so that his little, yeah i said it, tic tac, penis shrivels and he don’t even wanna have sex. just rub your super pretty feet. beyoncé got some super pretty feet. and,

she’s a swimmer. lol )

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