chicago and black on black crime (just like white on white crime)

there is such a thing as black on black crime. it’s when black people shoot at other black people, and kill them lol! if you need any proof of this? you should read!

the chicago tribune.

i don’t think that louis farrakhan, is doing such a great job in his Chicago mansion, with his nazi violin — jessica care less lmao! in helping to address the “gangbangers” issues with each other. because Chicago has the highest black on black murder rate in the country.

i think that YG and Nipsey Hussle, among other rappers who are “gang affiliated” members? are doing a much better job of uniting, across colors, to address violence in their own communities. if you need any proof of this? you can check out their video. where crips and bloods, and bloods and crips (gotta be equal! lol!) are equally represented, and have come together to say “Fuck Donald Trump!” lmmfao!

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