conservative. i’m thinking a lot about what this word means. historically speaking, and actions over politics.

conservative is? protecting water over corporate interests. no dapl.

conservative is? protecting food over corporate interests. no monsanto.

conservative is? protecting small businesses over corporate interests. no walmart.

conservative is? protecting public education over corporate interests. charter and private schools don’t deserve public monies. we’re talking the majority of children in america, over a small minority of the elite and bougie. let parents pay to support exclusive education for the non needy. my kids deserve the right to high quality education, and equal opportunities to excel in public schools.

conservative is? a social safety net over corporate interests. how do we make sure single mothers who bust their asses, working slave labor jobs at places like walmart have: healthcare, food, shelter, clothing, and the ability to get out of poverty without being penalized for a 100 dollar a week raise.

conservative is? black and brown folks working for every last dime we have. on our own merits. what handouts?! lmao! most black and brown people i know, work work work. really. i don’t know anyone who just sits on their ass collecting a check.

it’s the liberal spending of money on corporate interests over human needs, that is this country’s problem. in my opinion. some of the same people complaining about big business, are the same liberals raking in the dough. look at where they live, how they travel all over the world doing very little work. nothing that looks like slave labor. they too good to get their hands dirty. i don’t know people like that. i’m that chic who will drive delivery and put up stud walls (manual labor), teach the babies (intellectual labor) and write poetry (artistic labor). i don’t do entitlement. i do what i must. like most black and brown people.

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