is the most sincere form of flattery. anyone who is a trained educator understands that this is how children learn first. especially kids who do not speak english. everything is site words and repetition. it’s not original. but it is learning.

if you are 45 years old, and still copying people you consider trash? you have something wrong with you. it’s not a mood disorder. borderline personality maybe?

sociopathy. that’s the best explantation.

you, care less and nightmare, are sociopaths.

so anyway, a couple years back, at my old school? my principal volunteers me to start this afterschool poetry club. lmao! i’m like, okay! it was awesome. and all girls. a diversity of them. it was amazing how they had things in common, regardless of the color of their skin. one thing that kept coming up, was bullying and sexual harassment (police brutality too…but ya’ll know the story of that student’s cop father, and how he ran up on me at the beginning of school, in the main office, in front of everyone. “who does this one belong to, because she’s about to be arrested!” cuz bright red headed daughter? was writing poetry about, what i now know, was him — and his brutality.)

fast forward, to 3 years later. new school. new population of students. i’m in the cafeteria after bringing my dreamers down to eat. the middle school kids are on the other side of the caf. i see this girl, all the time, she’s always on her phone and you can tell she’s writing. so i introduce myself (they’re on the third floor, i’m on the second so i don’t really see them unless we’re all in the caf together) i’m like:

“i’m ms. m. i teach third grade spanish…”

“we all know who you are. you the new black teacher who wears timbs” lmao!

i’m like, okay. i guess word spreads. she tells me she’s writing,


i’m like, “oh, that’s dope. i used to be a poet too. can i ask you what it’s about?”

she looks hesistant at first, but then says… “it’s about this girl who’s harrassing me. cuz this boy likes me, and not her.” (the irony!) so i’m like,

“i’m glad you’re writing it out. because that never stops.”

she looks shocked. like she thought it was only going to be for middle school, and high school — maybe.

we chat for a little longer. and i tell her if she knows anybody else who writes poetry (girls only, a safe space) she should let me know. we can start a club, afterschool. she’s like “word! that’s whussup ms. m! i’ll come to your room and let you know.”

so today, she does. all of my dreamers are shocked…they’re working on water, in science, what it does on different surfaces. and so happy that two of the girls who came in with my little homie? speak fluent spanish.

they’re like, you’re gonna start a poetry club? i’m like sure. why not?! if you’re down to be in it. so they get all excited! (it was last week that i met homegirl in the caf. i figured, she’d forgotten…she hadn’t. she was getting a crew together. lol!)

so i emailed my principal this afternoon, and told him what i wanted to do. he’s like, “that’s really cool! go right ahead. but i want to let you know there’s no money in the budget to pay you a stipend”

money? i wasn’t even thinking that. so i told him… “that’s cool. i don’t know if you knew this, but my grad degree is in poetry, with a concentration in urban public education.” and he’s like, “that’s awesome! go for it! you have my full support. any materials you need from the supply closet just tell me what they are, and you’ll get what you want.”

so, we begin after christmas break.

i can’t wait! lol!

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