Darryl (another “devil”)and his subliminal messages.

I’m all good. I don’t want to be your friend. I’m not interested that you’re currently riding Dominicans. And I don’t trust you — even a little. Friends don’t share private writing with nightmares. And they certainly don’t support people who lie cheat and steal from black and brown people — while talking some black lives matter. The hypocrisy of your friends and associates?


If black and brown people have ever wondered why we can’t make it beyond white supremacy? We just have to look at the way we treat each other. Rampant capitalism (spread legged to get on a trak — literally — and/or charging more money than yeezy’s for one hour of representation. it’s called, unrighteous living.)

Therein lies your answer.

I like this “kid”. I find his “thug” music to be extremely uplifting and supportive. It’s in my daily rotation. M’s. I have no problems making rappers “accountable”.

They know exactly what you and your small crew have done. Damaging a lot of people in the process.

I like self made men women humans, of all colors, who don’t use and abuse others. Really. So the vampire on a pony network, is not mixing me into shit lol 1) i’m no vampire woman. I’m an empress. They are legends. 2) New poets are born? Daily. I don’t want my face alongside dead abusive men. They do not represent me. 3) I have never done black only. And truth is? Neither did they. White women all over that. 4) i do not trust biracial women who are ashamed of who they are.

New companies are forming. I am not interested in any talk about greed. Wrong chic. I’m generous. I enjoy making money. I get high and giddy every time I wire some to my love transporting goods across the RD ❤ Ayiti border for gas that his company won’t pay for. And I will enjoy even more? Wiring a million dollars from my modest beach house, to people who do good things for others.

Thanks. But no thanks. You are finished. Stick with Shiva. Women who don’t abandon you to cut film in a desert by yourself? Priceless.

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