darryl phillips is correct. old havana (to guantanamo). first. where i didn’t use assata shakur for anything. we just drank mojitos and chatted it up. and she made it crystal clear that i should be very careful, discussing abusive men, and criticizing fidel castro.

i could be killed.

(stick with shiva. she’s awesome. and a pacifist. and don’t pull a stunt like that again. i know you thought dream hampton loved you, really. now that you know the truth? she doesn’t love anyone. not even herself? maybe you should support your girlfriend, and not be rolling on someone else’s bed, making porn videos. that you were smart enough — to keep. just in case. i’m sure jessica care moore has had her fair share too. not one. more like, hundreds. that’s an industry she would rule in! gotta do some kind of slave labor to make some loot.

thanks. you’re forgiven. never damage an abused woman, writing through the pain of that abuse, privately, again. become, a righteous man. you have a righteous woman, so you should probably follow her lead. peeeeace!)

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