detroit is a city. with A LOT of people. thank the universe.

DOPE! i’m not that big on reppin my city. i guess, cuz it has a lot of diversity and students from all over the world. and, i learned from hip hop? that’s how wars start. i like things about my city, like it has beaches on the ocean. hippie sections lol, and the first school to educate blk children. it’s the home of integrated abolitionist movements…all collective efforts to preserve and fight for justice.

i just focus on the content of people’s characters? your race, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, difference…doesn’t matter. i don’t believe in those things as reasons for division. i believe in everyone holding hands and loving each other lol!!!!…no matter where on earth you’re from, or who you are.

and that’s exactly what i teach my students. and will continue to. many of them are immigrants just learning how to navigate the crazy that people like some of YOU — have no problems, creating. lol

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