Dismantle: black lives matter.

Shaun King, Dream Hampton, Jessica Moore, Colin Kaepernick, Patrisse Cullors, Feminista Jones, Deray McKesson.

Enough. Ya’ll need to find jobs. You wanna be social justice “activists”? Do it for free.

Making money off the deaths of black and brown people. Plotting to set me up to be killed. And knowing no one would believe it because I am bipolar.

And smarter than you.

Black Twitter a bunch of lying, cheating, stealing, HIV positive hoes. That is all.

(My dad loves you Bernie! Thanks for all your service to humanity! 😘)


Do it for — free — like I broke down ya’lls. Get a job. Nothing wrong with ya’ll. You don’t struggle at all. You just abuse those of us who do. And, are far more creative and intelligent than you.

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