She’s my immigrant Iranian homegirl. With the BEST eyebrows. 3rd grade.

Pronounced: ah-vah. You have to roll the “r” in her last name — slightly.

It’s Arabic.

She’s a — serious — swimmer.

Disney?? The Nazi?? Lol!

(Hoes will do anything for money. Zero integrity.)

Don’t Dream Hampton and Jabba the Hut resemble each other? Tell me I’m lyin. Lol! I don’t know what kind of super crack you have to be on to fuck that hoe? But you need rehab. Because I don’t know anybody in their right minds who would fuck her.

Both her physical and her character?

Are terrible. Like, really bad. And the niggaz who have fucked her aren’t even desperate dudes. Like, can’t get no pussy.

I don’t know what she’s talking about when she discusses street harassment. There is no regular nigga hollerin at her.

Not in the hood. Dream Hampton’s a fat fetish chic. You come to her crib. Fuck her real quick. Bounce. And do not get seen with her in public. She a midnight to 4am hoe.

She is not wife material.



Guaranteed fact. Nobody is harassing:

Dreamy the Hut.

Has never happened.

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