Anyway. Like I said. Have a good evening.

In the rain.

We were never “friends”. You were playing twitter games. While smiling in my face at school. But mostly? You just avoided me and stayed in your classroom.

This is your “friend”.

I only got hip to it? Towards the end of the school year.

You never said two words to me. Never asked me if I needed anything as a new teacher to my old school. None of it.

Until I gave you the money from YG.

That would be her:

And her:

And, of course. “MEAN” ass Ms. ________

She too black (Jamaican immigrant black) — for the dumb shit.

I would bet that Shannon Sharpe’s transformation is probably due to — her.

Prison culture twitter. 😒

Like I said, Dream Hampton. No “race” of people are a monolithic group.

It’s so sad that you don’t know that.

Considering that you are mixed black.

White mom. Black dad.

(This is so far removed from my reality? Having to state this consistently? It’s hard for me to process that biracial people [white and black. The two “extremes”] still have this much internalized self hatred. I just have no reference point for it. It is complete — insanity!! — to me.)

Ya’ll should invest.

*our bodies, ourselves*

It’s originally produced by the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective. I got it from my mom on my twelfth birthday. Along with a speculum. And a hand held mirror. Must be a misogynist racist white woman thing. To want your black daughter to know her body — thoroughly.

Least I didn’t think I was bleeding to death. When I got my first period. My girl’s mother basically gave her some pads, told her not to let any boys touch her. And told her that was the burden of being a woman. *sigh*

I was forced to celebrate. Girls night with my mothers combahee river collective black, and white feminist activist friends. While my brothers and father were made to say


Like, this is awkward.


Actually, it kind of is. Highlighted.

This isn’t exactly a correct representation.

The top should be at the bottom. The bottom is kinda where the mons pubis is.

All that sex and you are unfamiliar with your own anatomy.



I’m not an “it”

I’m a human being. Are you afraid of me? Cuz I just looked into your eyes. And I don’t know what I’m supposed to realize? That you need glasses?

Do you have a crush on me?

So does your dad.


Have a good night Quincy.

I’m in love. And unavailable.

I’m going to leave that chics “love a loser” comment. Alone. Cuz that dude was just tryna buy me. Less than 48 hours ago. So that’s some “love” ya’ll got.

I think she’s talking about money. How much money he has.

I’m taking about the company you keep. And a man who respects me as his equal.

Who the hell wants to be completely miserable in a 50 million dollar mansion?

Not I. I don’t even want to live in a house like that. I do not like that lifestyle. At all.

I support Ivanka Trump.

I have never popped bottles with Donald. Never seen the man. Had any interactions with him.

And I did not vote for him. Either.

I am — solution — oriented.

Not run ya mouth black girl.

Should you find you are pregnant in the coming three years and do not have access to abortion.

Misoprostol can be found at most pet stores and it’s fairly cheap. Or ordered online. It is for dogs. But it also is very effective for inducing premature labor. You can use it at home. It’s fairly safe. — misoprostol — cytotec

About those access Hollywood tapes. While ya’ll were busy talking shit, run the mouth — on and on and on — about white women?

And laughing at me?

Like, that chic is crazy! She’s not black!

Megyn Kelly was on point!

“I think your defensiveness on this may speak volumes, sir.”

Totally aware of patriarchy, misogyny, and the oppression of — ALL — WOMEN!

Ya’ll have dug a huge hole for women. Concerned only with yourselves as black women. And black twitter, a Dream Hampton creation, did the same thing for the entire country.

That was her intention. All along. And ya’ll thought, yeah!! Fame!! Name!! Money!! Who cares who gets hurt let’s just fuck whoever we want and make art!!


Ya’ll thought you were slick. Coming to Boston on the sneak tip. Then tryna stage a face to face confrontation with me. Where niggaz would have wound up in jail. Including me.

“Some ‘dusty ashy ass negroes’ are harassing us. All we’re doing is speaking about OUR oppression.”

While you “marginalized” women would laugh. And get drinks. After. Flirt with men you love to hate. At the bar. Give up the pussy. In your hotel rooms. And giggle. Like “common white girls”.

Ya failed. Again.

I been at war. For almost five years. With ya’ll. You just got into it once you realized. Oh shit. There are some niggaz supporting her. Now what?

And it’s only been like 6 months. You’re that soft. A little gang of hookers together. To try and cause more trash shit.

Where ya’ll kids at why you doing all this talking? 😒

“Some say they wanna walk in my size [7's]. Aiight then. Here’s a pair. Lace em up tight. Then you might feel what was dealt to me. Ya see, ain’t no young [girls] up in here.” — de la soul


The hatred of actual — black women — who are not sex workers. And are not trans women. And who do not conform to white supremacy, patriarchy, super capitalism, and institutionalized racism — all that well.

Which is why YG likes me so much. Because neither does his mama. Nor does she harbor any resentment at all towards individual white people.

For what?


Oh. Ms. O.

Well I’m on the fringe of society. I was the MOST radical black teacher at our school. I don’t conform that well to white supremacy and institutionalized racism. And I don’t keep my mouth shut about it either.

You do. I told my white, male, supervisor exactly what I was going to change up in the curriculum. So that children would learn a — Diversity — of American history. For example. When it came to Slavery and Native American genocide.

We watching videos of little kids at Standing Rock. And YG videos protesting Donald Trump. And incorporating their lived experiences crossing the border into English instruction. Experiential based learning. While meeting the standards.

And since he respected my teaching.

He was like “cool”.

Can’t relate.

(I think you just vent on twitter. Instead of confronting what you think is incorrect — face to face. Money’s too good. And in order to keep your nice ride, and crib in the suburbs — cuz you damn sure ain’t living where I do — and get your hair done — which I barely bother with — ,and makeup looking excellent — which you know I don’t wear — I don’t give a fuck. I say what I think is correct. And if I get resistance? I negotiate differences. That’s me. Do you. Shuck and jive. And complain — on twitter.)

Ms. W more radical than you. Really. And you also know that’s true. Guess where she got some of that from.


Disowning sexuality?

Couldn’t — ever — be me.

(YG is rollin! Lol!)


I just don’t have sex with no hoe moment men. Because I will be treated with full equality and respect. You will treat me like you want your — mother — treated. Or you can get lost. Fuck that. I’m too good a woman who supports my man. Doesn’t lie to him, cheat on him, or steal from him. Handing over my resources and cash. To be treated as any less than how he wants his mother treated by any man she decides to be with.

Couldn’t be me.

We have different standards. Mine are extremely high. I don’t know what yours are. But I don’t lower my standards for how I will be treated by men.

So I have chosen to stay alone, and celibate, until that happens.