do not use white jews, murdered in aushwitz by evil nazi’s (like you, asha. with your black only!!) to try and make false comparisons between your small elite group of hip hop hoes!!

and children who are murdered! *the rage*

(i am not even trying to hear a thing these singular “hip hop” hoes!! have to say about any social injustice, anywhere on this planet. since they are primarily responsible, in their silent violence, for the biggest social injustice i think i’ve ever heard of.)

there are plenty of black and brown people, working for social justice, and you linked — for your hoe moment money!! — with the wrong group of people.

people who followed a misogynist poet who thought “love is an evol word”.

love, is not an “evol” word. and that’s not even how “evol”, in english, is spelled!!

love, LIVE!

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