does anyone know what a trump card is? lol

interesting name. donald trump is trying to throw the election. he doesn’t want hillary. she’s dangerous. it’ll get a little better, for americans — some of us. but the rest of the world?


Party’s over, guys. For legal reasons we’re not going to be able 
to send you our game. Which kinda works out perfectly since 
we didn’t make enough packs for everyone anyways.”

do the research…

that bill clinton “foundation” is everywhere doing everything! lol

“some say they wanna walk in my size [tens], aiight then, here’s a pair. lace em up tight so you can feel what was dealt to me” de la soul

how good is your third eye vision? mine? fairly decent.

he wants jill stein to win. and it can only happen if you vote for the green party. you don’t have to say a word about it.

just do it.

(note to self: do not respond to dudes who’s music you’ve bought, and who you have supported since you were a little girl, who are trying to blame you for other men’s mistakes. and FORGIVE THEM ALL!)

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