This is the best one, I cheat on you because I’m an artist!! Please understand. I have to fall in “love” sometimes, with various people all over the planet, to make art about how much I love you!! I’m abusing you — women and men — for your own benefit!! It’s not personal!!

Keep it simple: 😒 no, you’re just a hoe!! There are lots of you!! So don’t feel alone!! (Which, they don’t. Because they have whole directories of men and women they can call to give them some dick and some pussy. Put out they hands for some money. And then scratch their heads like, why are those rappers calling me a hoe, a trick, and a bitch? 😷😷/😷😷😷)

Lmmfao! (I only like 5% of the human population. The non hoes! We’re gonna win! Lol!)

Listen nigga, Talib the permanent student (his mother was so smart to give him that name! She knew! In utero! All this nigga does is kick me!! And try and keep me from eating what I choose because he doesn’t like it!! Get this bad ass baby out of me. By any means necessary! Lmao!)

you ain’t taught me shit!! The books of marginalized black and brown women — his mother teaches! — have!

In complete silence.

No niggaz have ever taught me anything. Ever!! Not even that hip hop hoes exist!! (I’m looking to change that. Learning something I don’t know. None of you have taught me anything on twitter!! On any social media at all!! Nothing at all!! Facts! I’ve read a lot of books! I’m like tell me something I don’t know. 😒)


I teach them. Men. With no return on the time spent. (That’s changing as well. I deserve a supportive husband. I’ve never had one. Not even one single man i’ve loved who’s like, I got your back baby! Lol)

(Being bisexual is not the equivalent of be a hoe, by the way. women and men love to use that as an excuse to abuse other humans. Lying, cheating, stealing. Drown.)

(Like you can’t get inspired off your one husband only’s— dilznick! 😒! Or his mind! 😍! Ditto baby! Lmmfao!)

Don’t ask me that again. 😒 I am not cheating on you! Those are 1/2 naked hoes!! In that club ya’ll are in!! That’s mostly what hoes do!! Sniff coke in the club, run they mouths on stage!! And pretend that they aren’t hoes!!

I like empresses!

Those skanks don’t — work!

I’m an empress! Facts!

(I bet YG’s mother’s pregnancy went very smoothly. Like, he’s better than a loyal, faithful white man! I’m gonna name him Keenon! It’s Gaelic. With a twist! I gotta blackicize it! Two “e”’s. Lmao!)

Talib Kweli fights black women he can’t fuck and tells us to pay our dues when we owe nothing to anyone. He owes, for supporting his whore, Jessica Moore — who is the biggest hoe!! in hip hop — who rapes black and brown women of their own lives, so she can damage us and capitalize off our pain, while breaking up people’s relationships, abusing her fatherless kid, and spreading her trash ass pussy!! And, whatever’s living in it — so he can make lying ass songs about us. Women he has never even met. Doesn’t know shit about. Telling us to pay our dues.

And I can beat his ass for that, myself. What are you gonna do? Bird brained man. Not a fuckin thing. Cuz I’ll beat your ass 2. So mind your business. Hoe!! Because this is not about you. This is about me and Talib Kweli disrespecting black women he can’t fuck. Cuz some of us, aren’t hoes!!

And I can handle that shit, with his mom. As well. Because she don’t know what the hell’s going on. And will be shocked when I — open my mouth. And words come out.

Talib Kweli’s mother don’t play that. Facts! She understands — silence. Not one word spoken. Safe space! Away from her predatory black male patriarchal misogynist son!!

With his harem of pigeons!! (She don’t know about that, either.)

😒 it’s all just enough, men. enough.

Donald Trump?

You gon’ have to stay mad.

Until you do what the fuck you are told.

By your daughter.

And every woman around the globe.

(Ya’ll read what I wrote and said, exploit her.

Ivanka read what I wrote and was like

she’s like me! 😳)


(That shit is fuuuuuuuny! Lmmfao!

I am nothing like, Ivanka Trump! Lmao! But I really like her. How much you wanna make a bet? Ivanka is Ms. W. in makeup. To make her look like her? Lmao! 😘)

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