I want Amazon to go to Compton. Where the women who work. Basically, for free. Are. Undocumented. I asked.

Thank you Ms. W! And mom! Ya’ll are some crazy ass republicans. 🙃🙃

Isn’t Ms. W. so pretty with no makeup!


(Don’t sleep! I got her on a whole black girl routine. So she doesn’t age early! Lol!)


You’ll have to catch me doing nothing but using my body to swim, kneel at a kid’s desk, or chase after some little “bad” ass. Who just called me “bitch”. Because I caught him trying to look over the stall in the girl’s bathroom. Grabbed his ass. Pulled him out. And told him he was going to miss recess.

Him: I am calling my mother! She’s going to…

Me: excellent! Me and Ms. O are doing a — fourway! Lol! We will call her with you on the phone!

Him: 😳 I meant. She’s at work and is going to be…please don’t call my mom! 😱

Me: restorative justice. You clean all the desks in my classroom. And Ms. O’s board? You have recess tomorrow.

Him: Bet! Thanks Ms. M and Ms. O!

(You actually have to — follow through — on taking away something a cis gendered boy who loves girls — lives to do.)


Anybody. She smells good. Except. The pussy. That pussy. In that girdle. Preaching equality for women? While fuckin and callin a nigga trash? Smells like

dead fish.

She is in the hotel bathroom she’s about to fuck in. If, she were a Dominican woman who was struggling to get an education. Struggling to eat. No ability to get a job. Cuz there are — none. You have to go through school in the DR. To get a job. As a woman.

A Dominican woman, a black Dominican woman, who put herself through school working multiple slave labor jobs.

I would get it.

But cuz she’s a Dominican American woman. Who’s family waited years to get visas. So she could be — educated?

I have no empathy.

And this is where eyebrows play a role. For the Dominican girl who’s grandmother does not want her to get her hair wet. Who feeds her the smaller plate of food (even though she uses more of her brain than the boy her mother babysits in class. Who gets off. On copying from her page. While she does the majority of the work.)

It is her grandfather who said. Yolairis will be educated. She will go to college and get a good job. I want her to be like you are. Her grandmother just talks a lot. Here’s my number. It is my money. Not hers. That got my granddaughter to america. She’s never had a job.

Her: yo quiero mis cejas al mismo a ti. Ms. M.

Me: but I have never touched my eyebrows. They are naturally, the way they are supposed to be. Yolairis. And so are yours. Never touch them. You have what you were born to have.

Anyway, Spray something on that ish. Makeup?

Don’t eat it. Unless you want sores on your lips. Too many dicks. Condoms on that ish. You can be reinfected.

Dominican niggaz making 53 bucks a week. (He got a raise, his wife told me.) Who see this — all the time — like.

¡Aye diablo!

These are morenas. Mixed black chics. Who use they bodies. To trap men.

Wit HIV.

This has to be my favorite rap trak of the past ten years. Cuz it’s gender neutral. With no plastic surgery to be a gender you’re not.

The REAL thing.

DL hoes, and they hoes, the best way to cut down nicotine addiction. For a woman.

You should have seen how nice and thick I got. Off that extra luv. No hoes at all.

“Niggaz luv bush. Niggaz sayin they hate bush.”

Nope. “Can’t touch this.” My bush on lock. For one man only. Loyalty. Get you some.


Go ladies! (Anybody got money on their educations? I’m making a donation! Sex workers? *Fuck the money*. Feminist/Womanists that you are. 1 dollar only. If every sex worker contributes 1 dollar? Off twitter? We can fund 100's of women’s educations — for 4 years. No doubt about it. 😁 sistahood? Rocks!)



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