i’m just waiting for that collection of poems — jessica moore. *we want our bodies back* where you 1) profit of the deaths of marginalized black and brown women, or 2) discuss how you are one of the biggest hoes in hip hop. who has fucked over both men and women, for your hoe moment money.

“if you never had a hoe moment, you should try it haha!!” — jessica moore

This? Stays on my mind. Jessica Moore is no better. Men create art off the pain she’s caused them. Blowing (“suck dick lick the head and all” — literally), right through men. She don’t love ya’ll. Learn your lessons.

Sociopaths don’t love. They don’t have the ability to — feel.

Bipolar people — feel. Much more than we should. Our test in life is to not feel anything. Feel nothing, at all.

I’m sure I’ll never see my collection of poems on the black trans woman who was murdered in my hood. She saved my life one night. When this dude tried to block me in the alley behind my house. I didn’t write those poems to profit off of her death. I wrote them because I felt, so deeply about her murder, I had no other way to express my pain and rage. That someone would take her life. Because of their own self hate. Privately written and sent. To one person only.

That is Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. Erasers of people’s entire lives.

2 hip hop hoes — who do black only, sort of. if they can make any money fuckin white dudes as well ? they do it. been done. ask kid rock about how he fucked jessica moore , and then she dumped him. she turned him into a super donald trump supporter. incorrect. not all mixed chics treat men like that. and those 2 hoes certainly should not be putting black people’s lives at risk, for their hip hop hoe moments and super capitalist “social justice” activist and — “art”, pockets.

they don’t love themselves and all of who they are. Sociopaths? Have zero ability — to love. They imitate it. And then those men and women wake up like…wow! I dumped a woman who loved me. For trash. And now, I have nothing. (Guess who will never go back to a man who abused me — for some material success in the hip hop industry. For 2 hip hop hoe moment using and abusing sociopaths. Me.)

Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore:

A) inpatient mental health treatment, for sociopathic stalking (20 years yo!)

B) slave labor jobs off your own merits

C) call your baby’s daddies (if they are still living). Children have a right to have both their parents. Especially when they pay child support.

D) Never go near another woman’s man again. Trying to break up people’s families and relationships. Hurting women and their children.

E) Turn in your firearms. You do not threaten people with guns over actual abuse that you commit against them. When those people didn’t even know you existed. You don’t need guns. You’re not responsible enough to use them. Correctly. And with good intentions.

it’s very sad that the way these women create “art” is by stalking people with mental differences/marginalized men and women.

I especially feel bad for Dream Hampton, that she was told to be me. And for half of her life? That is what she’s tried to do. Every man I’ve loved. Every place I’ve been. She wants in. I wonder how tortured she must be, internally, knowing that you can never recreate a human being. That someone can tell you to be anything, but you can only ever be yourself. A woman who used and abused hip hop, and the men in the culture. Sleeping her way to success. With no love for anything. Not even herself. She is a walking shell of a woman.

To get her “friends” in on that action? that they would actually participate in that sort of abuse of a marginalized human being, writing “poetry”. Is even more tragic.

I don’t think either of those women get, they have been very blessed with things I have never had. Mainly, a man who doesn’t lie, cheat and steal — and abandon you when you need him most. They’ve had all the love a woman could ever want. Men throwing themselves at their feet. And they have done nothing but blow right through them. Like those men’s lives don’t matter.

I wonder what it would be like to just use and abuse men — then dump them after you’re finished and can’t get anything more out of them.

I wouldn’t know. I haven’t used, abused and dumped a man. It’s been the other way around. Men who are interested in women like them. Because on the outside? They seem so successful and accomplished. With access to all sorts of resources. Because they’ve been very good at lying, cheating and stealing from marginalized humans. on the inside? They are broken women. 5 husbands? Blowing through men in hip hop? They leave behind — broken men. And fatherless children. That should be a warning to you. Ask, where are your children’s fathers? See what the answer is.

Ya’ll 2 hoes don’t want to be me. I assure you. I’ve had a rough life. Loving men who bail. For you. The irony yo.

Feel free to scoop up men I’ve loved who have dumped me because I’m not “accomplished” and “successful” in the hip hop industry. Let them use, abuse, and dump you as well.

Men, should learn to appreciate love. Before they wind up with one of those 2 hip hop hoes. Who don’t know what love is. They are stalking sociopaths. They are social justice “activists” and “artists” who do nothing for love. They perform.

“social justice” is to make money off marginalized people — it’s a business to them. And “love” is pretending that they care about you — to access your loot/creativity. And you fall for it. Over and over again. Smh.

My heart is teflon ya’ll. Trusting a man, ever again, will be my biggest life accomplishment.

I trust no man. Because you fall for women like them. And when your heart gets destroyed like mine has been? Please don’t come find me. I have nothing to offer you. No money to give you, no fame for you to ride on, and no name for you to build on. No love.

I’m a teacher of super marginalized children. I love them. That is all.

(I have no desire to deal with those women at all. Their characters? Horrific. I really thought my life didn’t matter and that I should just kill myself. But it does matter. It matters for them, to stalk me, to steal parts of my life to build themselves, so they can be successful “social justice activists” and “artists”. And use and abuse you men and marginalized women — in the process.

They want their bodies back now. I have always owned my body. I am very cautious of who I let touch me. There’s nothing like sharing your body with a man — who abuses you and abandons you. It is the worst experience for a woman who actually — loves you. I’m glad to know? I’m not alone in that regard. I just feel the pain of that more. Bipolar people — feel — a lot.

Both those women imitate what it means to feel, for “social justice”. Case in point. Dream Hampton just read this. The woman who does not use twitter. Just reposted a tweet. It is of a woman who is seeking sanctuary with her undocumented children. She tweets about this. Like these people are not actual human beings.

And those are actually? The kids I work with. Like, a job. That I got, not by fucking my way through hip hop and stealing from marginalized people. But, by going to school. Receiving my credentials to teach. And being a really good teacher. Work. Not tweets. Work. Not “art”. Slave labor job. Like the average american.)