equality in my family

there will be equality, between men and women — in my family?

or i am getting RID, of the niggaz who ain’t about 50/50. don’t tell me nothing about what you do. you don’t do 1/2 the shit you should be doing. and don’t try and patronize me. or threaten me.

i have protection. against you. i know EXACTLY what type of man you are. “you’re gonna see a different side of me” …

i’ve heard those words before.

you WILL turn into the best man on the planet.

and you WILL go to get therapy, and you will change. or you?


dead. (not literally. but i mean, you’re not taking any more women’s money).

and don’t you DARE, pump my little bj, with that nation of islam nonsense (ALL THOSE DUDES NEED THERAPY LOL!), or, what a “woman’s role” is. you are a MAN,


be one.

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