Eric Chivian…

Biodiversity is about everybody working together, as a diverse species. White people aren’t going anywhere Donald Trump. That’s not the way it works. Human life begins in Africa. All people, around the world. You got scared cuz you thought that meant the annihilation of white people. Lmao! It didn’t. It meant Africa has the most diversity, human, and otherwise. If it dies? We’re in big trouble. As a species. ALL of us.

My homie from high school’s dad — Judah. It’s biblical :) You might want to listen…you’re not super informed on too much. lol He says not one word about Mexico or China! Lmao!! You’re an older man. Who needs a new hairdo. I know you’re trying to live. Presidency? That’s a pretty clear assassination attempt. That’s not a threat. A lot of people really don’t like you.

Consequently? He shares the Nobel Prize, for his research on the AFTER AFFECTS — of nuclear radiation.

You totally


misinterpreted what I wrote.

But Ivanka didn’t. She thinks I’m cool. lol!

You are using my words for evil. Because you know what you did —

To Ivanka.

And it’s over. Time to heal up.

Atomic Bombs/Nuclear War. Very very, to put it extremely mildly — unpleasant.

He’s a real down to earth, peaceful and happy dude. “Just call me Eric.” Lol

Don’t you want to LIVE in your older years, happy and peacefully with your family? Doing something productive to help humanity?

Hillary Clinton is going to be president. It’s becoming more clear? Daily. 💯

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