family time…

:) (jared)+ :) (ivanka)=’s 6.85 billion smiles. i’m off this. later.

ivanka’s the only one who can do something about this mess. by refusing to participate in it. but it means standing up to her dad, perhaps being permanently cut out of and ostracized from her family, and that? is a very difficult thing to do. i’ve done it, and the outcome has been isolation, demonization (she’s the one with the problem) the police— and just get over it and move on. i get it. the man changed his whole life around 35 years ago, he actually came correct. he’s an excellent dude.

people protect abusers all the time. it happened in the poet’s family. and he was still looking at women’s “big asses” commenting on them, all over pam grier, a year before he died. nobody put that dude in check, people still praising him online — his face is in a museum. lol! um, jessica? you comin wit me. that dude is not protecting you. i assure you. he ran from me. a beast! lol

and then there’s the issue of still loving your dad. which is the most difficult thing for people to understand. everything about someone who abuses you is not horrible. some things are actually wonderful. people are extremely complex. so are relationships.

so, IT, sit down and talk with your husband, and figure it out with him. you gotta be ready for the wrath of the madness.

and i don’t blame you, at all, if you are not. (((((((hug)))))))

here’s some inspiration music. for you. hip hop has your back. :)

the title’s incorrect though. i’m?

an empress.

check this out…miles davis was a very abusive husband...people don’t talk about him like that. he was married to cicely tyson.

she got rid of that nigga. lmao!

miles davis is dead.

this is cicely tyson: at 91 years old. in the color purple.

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