mad black thot. on twitter. no one gives a fuck. your site is full of shit talking depressive trash!! ya hoe!!

aka, Dream Hampton.

and just cuz i know how to do my own nails. and when it was the — only — thing i could barely manage to do…for my own self care. in the darkest depths of hell like oppession. because of you, and your hoe moment hiv spreading — WHORE!! — followers.

doesn’t mean, that’s all i’m good at. i’m a SUPER HIP HOP CREATOR!

that’s why you’ve always tried to be me.

i can outwrite all of these chics. if i feeeeeeel like it.

Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore, gave FJ the access she needed to get to Essence magazine.

Keep it.

I’m bout to make a billion.

Much love sis! Write yo ass off! — for — authentic !— hip hop culture!


Gender: M

Meaning of Kennon: “ancient”

This is one of several similar sounding Gaelic surname names that would make perfectly acceptable choices — others are Kennan, Keenan and Kenyon. Another possible meaning is “descendant of the fair ones,” referring to the Norse invaders.


Understand this. Real Irish pubs. In Boston. Are safe spaces for me.

All of them, are named after writers.

They’re dark. All the wood is dark. Low light. You can roll through, grab a booth in a dark corner by yourself. And no one bothers you when they see you — writing.

Everything’s on tap. Bottles are rare.

Sometimes there’s music. Seisun. Sometimes poetry open mics.

Let some drunk nigga try to harrass you? The bartender will come from around the bar, pick his ass up, and throw him out on the street!

And in his thick accent will say. “One too many times! You’re banned for a year!” And he’ll be super cute. lol And gotten the job through a connect.

Irish pubs will have a billboard. With all jobs available. For workers.

They are also great places to have conversations about Black Slavery, and Irish Oppression. Sometimes with members of the IRA, sometimes not.

So, black people (if they don’t hate white people), Irish people (of course), and Dogs — are all allowed. So are babies. lol!

I’m not dying FJ lol. I’m more worried about black people who have spread hiv intentionally — who don’t make restorative justice. And black people with so much hatred in their hearts that they don’t work intersectionally. Stay up!

Yes mikki. This time too. All lives matter. When I say that, I mean it. It’s not a slogan. And since I’ve actually worked with, since I was 16, black, white, indigenous, asian, and latino/chicano kids. That’s what I mean. I’m sure your mixed black son, with his asian date. Would be very proud, of the teacher. For treating everyone fairly and equally. Based on — character.

(That’s what I mean by frontin for social media btw. People who actually have been married to, and had sex with, and produced children with white people. And do black only. Makes no logical sense. Ya kids wouldn’t exist. Do their lives not matter? These are tough, gut wrenching questions. If you didn’t grow up in diversity. Only, black only. And you have to really decide whether you are for humanity, or against it. If you support people who spread HIV intentionally, you are not for humanity. If you do black or white only, you are not for humanity. Which means, you’re not for black people. Because black people are the start of humanity. And the people who are dying most rapidly from HIV and AIDS, are black women, and children. So if you know someone, who’s a black woman, or man, who’s intentionally spreading HIV — and you support that person. You are not for black women and children.)

(You are vastly outnumbered. FYI.)

(“Dreamy”, isn’t it? *side eye*)

Oh yeah, you must not give a fuck about your black sons. Either. Maybe you need to — care more — about people besides yourselves. A name, some fame, and some money. Or maybe you don’t care about yourselves. Since you’re their mothers.

I care more about young black men, and protecting them, than some of their own mothers. Their own mothers will throw their own black sons, under the bus. For some hoes on twitter. Because they’re black. Hoes they’ve never even met. Face to face. Amazing.

Look at Jessica Moore. She uses her own son, to protect her. Who does that? He’s 10. I’ll tell you who, a fuckin sociopathic mommy dearest!!

“What don’t you get? When you pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud” — That Black “Stalker” on youtube. I get it now. That nigga ain’t stalking me. Nobody bothers me, except for hoes who spread HIV. Their supporters. And occasionally, the super bipolar, Talib Kweli. It’s like, 100 people, tops. All ya’ll do, is complain about how everybody is harrassing you. Have you thought about why?

black people, white people, latino people, chicano people, indigenous people, asian people. they all bothering black only women.

nobody bothers me.

Ya’ll are the fringe of society. Black people only 13% of the population. I’m on your side. I just don’t support no HIV spreading whores. And I never will. And it’s almost a guaranteed fact. That only 1% of the 13% of black people, agree that it’s okay to damage other human beings.

Cuz these niggaz? Don’t agree. Really. The nigga at the end of this video throws the 1 up. 2’s down. They ain’t messin with the 3’s either. Better slow yo roll wit that 5 shit. Ain’t no six. six. six.

I’m 4hunnid wit it. All 7's. The god number :)

Just in case you weren’t listening, the first time. That’s what happens when you think it’s all fun and games — on twitter. And you aren’t really a very good listener. Because hip hop isn’t what you live. It’s what you make money off of.

I live hip hop. It is my culture. It’s how I carry myself through the world.

And it is, very diverse, and intersectional. Globally.

When you know you black, so you don’t have to repeat it over and over and over and over and over again. And you really work, intersectionally. Actions.

First ICE raid in Boston. The Irish are on alert.

“ ‘word on the street’ among Irish illegal immigrants in the region is if “someone knocks on your door at 5 a.m., keep the door closed and say, ‘Can I help you?’ And if they don’t have a search warrant, tell them to go to hell.”

That goes for all undocumented immigrants. In the City of Boston, btw. We are a Sanctuary City.

1st line of defense: Dial 311. All my students from Central America and DR, know this.

And, I need to stop by The Behan. I need a black and tan. And 4 shots of Bushmill’s. Black Bush. lmao!


I agree FJ. There are some crazy ass white sociopaths. Who have done horrible things to black and brown people.

There are also some crazy ass black and brown sociopaths. Which is why slavery lasted 450 years.

Sociopathy, doesn’t have a race. It’s a mental health condition.

Just like bipolarism. And there are a diversity of bipolar rappers in hip hop. Including white ones. Eminem, for instance. G. Eazy is another one. Macklemore is another one. Mac Miller is another one.

Invincible is another one. Invincible is not from Dearborn.

She’s from Detroit.

(Hip Hop has expanded. It will never again, be black only.)

(FJ, take it from your older sister. Some white police officers [and i’m sure a few black ones], are killing everybody. You wanna know how to move forward? Tell the truth. About it all. What’s the alternative? Black people in America have always done the toughest labor. Slave labor jobs. It’s entitled black and white people who have never worked for shit. See: slave master!! and his house nigga whores!! Who don’t do much. But lie, cheat, and steal. I’m a visionary. With a mental difference. Like Harriet Tubman/Araminta Ross. In this bitch. Fighting oppressions, simultaneously. And working intersectionally. Those are my actual — roots.)

I’m not HIV positive. I sent test results to ATL years ago. I haven’t had unprotected sex since. And I think I have natural immunity.

Real love, is revolutionary.

Oh, I have really tough standards for myself. Like, I’m an older woman. The idea of dating a 27 year old still, makes me uncomfortable. It’s funny how people will support, say, Mariah Carey in doing this. And she’s older than me. But not, myself. Accusing me of being a “child molestor”. I’ve never dated a man, under 35. And that was a stretch. lol

Jessica Moore loves fuckin young niggaz. So does Dream Hampton. One, dodged a bullet from that crazy bitch!! That’s why she can stand outside forever like the statue of liberty. Basically.

She’s not the black statue of liberty. And neither is Zendaya. Those are mixed black chics. White mom. Black dad. Facts!

“I heard you got a new man. I heard you takin a pic. Then you post it up, thinkin that it’s makin me sick.” That’s all that hoe does. Jessica Moore. Post pics of herself. All the time.

“These hoes chase bread all day, she got a bird brain.”

Yes. I know. Pigeon brained hip hop hoes !!

Skank nasty whores!! So is Dream Hampton !! So is Jessica Moore !!

And their hoe moment twitter followers !!/!!!/!!!!!

(Check the hoe worried about her horrible eyebrows. Mine have never been “done”. All natural.)

Jessica Moore lived in Atlanta, for quite a few years. Spreading fire, there as well. I’ve never lived in Atlanta. I went to Atlanta, for Freaknik, in 1992. And I had sex with no one. I had broken up with my Martha’s Vineyard boyfriend, because he had started wearing suits and tight jeans. And we were growing apart. Which he was cool with. Cuz he was lookin at bougie Spelman chics (no disrespect).

I had a crush on Ahi. I was waitin to see if that nigga would stop being a patriarchal piece of shit. And, recognize, that I was a sun. I wasn’t one of the many earths, or moons, revolving around him.

I. don’t. share. my. man. lmao!

He never recognized this. So he wasn’t my man. And he didn’t get any pussy.

Nothing at all, from me. That was Dream Hampton.

He had to lie, very well, for me to believe that he had changed, 23 years later. He’s forgiven. He did it, because he loved me immensely, genuinely, and he needed help, that he was not getting — from hip hop. To stop these hoes, from spreading HIV.

Nobody believed him, because he is schizophrenic. And very sick. All of hip hop has blamed him.

But I know the truth. As do men in hip hop. Cuz they’ve fucked Jessica Moore, and Dream Hampton. Thinking that those sociopaths actually loved them.

Beyoncé knows it as well. Dream Hampton has preyed on Jay Z? For years. Trying to blackmail him. With some “erroneous non credible” information. If he does not give her money. Cuz he didn’t want to be with that beached whale hoe.

That’s over wit.

I’m gangsta wit it.

Who is this dude?

“Lynchings were public in order to put fear in the Black community. Police killings are caught on tape & spread publicly much like lynchings.” — Blake Don’t Crack

Because that’s exactly, how I feel about it. I have never circulated videos of the murders of black and brown people on a social media platform. It’s so disturbing to me. Like, people are using these videos to further their “social justice activist” causes, that help them generate money, that they live off of.

Meanwhile Philandro Castille’s girlfriend and daughter? Are struggling to survive. Really. They’ve really struggled. Financially.

So essentially, these people who are making good money, are getting paid, off the murder of black and brown people. That’s mostly, what Shaun King writes about. Has anyone else noticed that?

I think that’s why Philandro Castille’s mother, Valerie, was saying. “And you interracial people are next!!”

So infuriated!

And I’m so glad she understands that as a mixed black person (via her facebook live feed), that I am not one of those people.

Thank you!

I’m not the problem. I’m water. Not fire.

I think YG’s tats are pretty dope. “Thank EM already”

And, the three dots, under his right eye.

And, the Virgin Mary, on his head.

Do you have any tats, Deray? Tats have a lot of meaning. When people tat themselves in your honor. You’re humbled. Like a butterfly on their chest.

Jessica Moore has 2, that are visible. She has a Dreamcatcher. For Dream Hampton. And the letter “D”, which either stands for Dick. Or Dearborn. Cuz she’s not from Detroit, originally.

She’s from Detroit, originally.

“I think today should be for hiding under the covers.” Trudi Ann

Ya think?

(Listen, when good women “speak” — the first time. Trudi Ann is a sociopath.)

(I am not the devil. I’m like a niggaz saving grace. It’s hard to know when you are dealing with a sociopath. They are very good at being manipulative and deceitful, like, stock photography photos, things like that. And they’re very intelligent. But not very creative. They steal a lot, of their ideas. Example: Jessica Moore did not found Black Women Rock! She was sued over it. Do the research. That’s how Black Girls Rock, came into being. But like Trudy says, art is moore important.)

Fire =’s HIV/AIDS. She started the fire. Dream Hampton has kept it lit. As has Jessica Moore. Tag teamed, like the hoe she is, 3 weeks ago. In Belize.

She also, is not left handed. Neither is Dream Hampton. She’s playing on the fact that I’m a super lefty. Very left dominated. On her Prison Culture, twitter. Using Bresha. Because Dream Hampton was molested by her father. And her sloppy ass mother, didn’t protect her.

I am not Dream Hampton. Or Jessica Moore. They are sociopaths.

I am erica. I am bipolar.

As for rape. I’m under the impression that not disclosing your status to a person, while having unprotected sex — is a form of rape. I’m pretty sure niggaz didn’t know they were sticking their unprotected penis’ in Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. And, their followers.

I’ve been there. Thinking you can trust somebody because they have assured you that they love you, and would never attempt to harm you, and finding out…through the internets. That this is not the case. He’s forgiven. He’s severely mentally ill. Exacerbated, by Dream Hampton. For 24 years.

And he has a really good girlfriend. Who’s put all that in check.

Feel free to bear arms if you choose. That’s your 2nd ammendment right. You shouldn’t be murdered, as a black person, for owning a gun if that’s what people are implying.

You shouldn’t be murdered as a black person, if you choose not to own a gun.

Not that this matters. If you are a black or brown person, you can be murdered with or without a gun.

I choose not to own a gun. I don’t like them.

The irony of the state of Massachusetts is that while deaths from gun violence are lower here than in other states. As are murder rates by the police, which probably has something to do with strict gun laws. One of the biggest gun suppliers in America, and employment providers, in Western Mass, is Smith and Wesson. I wrote a poem about this a while back.

The same company that sued Smif-N-Wessun for infringement on their name. So they had to change it, to Cocoa Brovaz.

(I love Smif-N-Wessun and the Bootcamp Clik)

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