“it’s gonna take a strong man” — my mom, and my cuz.

welp. yup!

he fine as hell! like. heavenly! and super smart! and super creative!

like — me!

(oh yeah, he is so emotionally supportive. like, he don’t try to manipulate me or steal anything from me or harm me in any way!! so supportive! emotionally! thank you baby!)

africa — erica — america. lol!

feeeeeeel it! lmmfao!

“you guys i can’t keep up. let me just sit in this full moon.” — m.p.

absolutely not!!

sunshine baby! lmao!

ya’ll can stay on #4 with jessica care moore!!

i’m the god number. all original.


and the only number four i do?

is YG. for the 3 men i truly loved and never abandoned. hoe moment pigeon brained whores!! who abandoned me!

and the 1. who stood his ground!

(anyone who marries jessica care moore? is number 6. the devil!! and his whore!! and will be hiv infected. cuz, that hoe has slept with men around the globe!! and just infected 2 moore. last weekend.)

I, am celibate. i don’t fuck anyone. but — myself! lmao! i’m very in touch with my own body. and i will share it. with one man only!


(i’ll make your nigga miss a flight. don’t try me hoe!! his mind? all mine! lmmfao! all off — writing! like, where she! at? omg! i need — that!

please, see feminista jones! if you are looking for erotic writing! and don’t be tryna harass her! she got a man! but, she will be writing more books! believe it! off her own creativity! and — merits! *winning!*)

EM — PRESS! (for the phonetically challenged!!)

Empress! (i don’t get red eye in photos. it’s always. white light.)

yes. you are a terrorist!! talib!! and, a predator!!

and i will never stop!

alien. isolated fringe of society alien! and a woman! fully human! with feeeeeeelings!


the biggest male predator!! and his dumb ass pigeon brain!!

in hip hop!

you will die!! first!

i come before your dick!!


lick my clit!

(or don’t. i don’t want your dirty ass mouth. fuckin that whore!! so many times. reinfected. so many times. just nasty trash pussy!! anywhere near me. ever!)

i’m warning these sociopathic pigeon brained bitches!!

you come near any of my kids?

you goin on the ISIS list!

i want you hoes!! beheaded!!

i am so done with you prostitutes!! you dream hampton!! and jessica moore!! sociopaths!!

i can’t fuckin stand any of you!!

stay the fuck away from my kids!

*the raaaaaaage!*

morgan has some fuckin nerve!! she didn’t listen! but, she comin with me! she ain’t goin with no sociopathic hiv spreading whores!!

her lil brother would kill her!

you with me Morgan! I LOVE YOU!

YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT HOE!! hell to the fuck no! don’t play with me! i will whoop yo ass silly! really!

(trudy!! you dirty uber whore!! leave my kids — alone! ya dumb bitch!! yo. i’m about to KILL THAT HOE!!)

morgan has a beautiful family! a great mom and dad! and a brother! that she’s in love with! like, she loves her brother! a man! sooooooo much! i had to hear about that nigga over and over and over and over again! LMMFAO!

stay away from my kids! HOE!!

actually, detroit is not the future.

america is.

and the future of detroit?

is a young black poet. who does intersectionality. really.

and, knows how to use a battery powered screw gun. lol!

she heard me! and i am so grateful she was listening! lil Bre Bre!

she is a fabulous! poet!

I mean, she is REALLY good! and all original!

um, ya’ll need a little rising from the dead in your life! don’t get me pissed the fuck off! that’s what my body looks like! a little thicker than that. but sorry! i didn’t make myself thin! with no booty! it’s my genetics and metabolism!

i be eatin! everything on yo plate — nigga! try me! i’ll eat a whole large extra cheese pizza. nothing happens! what the fuck you want me to do? i can’t do anything about it!

you shoulda seen me when i was little! my chubby ass brothers like, I'm full!! and me like, can i get those drumsticks? lmao!

my plate? in my fam? the biggest! i ate more than my dad! lol! (even though i don’t eat meat no more. i don’t like white meat. never did. that shit is dry an — tasteless!! lmao!)

(why the commercial “oreo thins”. cuz oreo know i love Oreos! and i can’t stand all that white filling shit. i scrape the majority of that shit — off! yuck!! *side eye* excellent marketing. off my ass. what? ya’ll got some hip hop niggaz on ya marketing squad? lmmfao!)

CHINA! *LOVE!* i wanna go to china! so bad! I mean, those chinese immigrant people just repeat the same shit!

me: did you hear me?

him: anything else?

me: listen, i’m tryna make sure you heard me! i said i want extra ginger and garlic! do you understand me?

him: anything else?

me: are you tryna be funny nigga?

him: *chuckle* anything else?

me: “I! want! extra! ginger! and! garlic! in! my! mustard! greens!”

him: “yah! i no stupid! you hear me? ten minute!”

(when i get there, they like, erica! those niggaz know my name! and give me free rice noodle lo mein. cuz they know i like it! with extra ginger! and garlic! and tofu! no msg!! just to make me angry!!!!!!! and cuss them out! i love those dudes! free shit! lmao!)


Dr. Kiang! Dr. Tang! Let’s save Chinatown!

that’s me! no hooker heels!! no tutu!! no garter belt!! no runnin my mouth!!


(nigga! I'm brown! with an afro puff in my ponytail! get busy! don’t change the booty! titties are a little bigger! slightly more perky!)

Damn! I keep thinking of that brown recluse bite!


that venom shit works it’s way through your bloodstream. the — poison!

omg! that may help people with hiv!!

get on that shit! everybody! get bit! ya never know! do this! wait about 8 or 9 days after the bite. seal it (cuz you don’t know what it is! lol!) with alcohol. which will dry it out. and keep the venom intact! (i thought i was helping to clean it. lol!) then when the pain is so unbearable?

go to the doctor! when you about to die!! lol!

It was horrid! I mean, the worst part was going to the hospital and getting the ultra sound done on it. That cooling gel was so nice!!!!!!!

the pain was so bad? when they rolled that little ultrasound thingy over it? i thought I was gonna have a heart attack! it was worse? than when they stuck the needle, directly into the wound. i didn’t even feel that shit! to numb it! before they started squeezing it! i didn’t feel that shit either. cuz it was numb!

then they made me let it drain. blood and puss. i mean disgusting.

i ain’t get no stitches though. just a small dark brown indentation on the back of my leg. nothing to write home about.

ya never know. spider venom from the brown recluse? maybe hiv can’t withstand it. i’ve never had hiv!! but, it may work! doesn’t hurt to try! i mean it does, and you might almost die? but, it may work!

good luck! lol hope you a warrior! i’d rather get shot in the leg rather than go through that again. i already know from Tupac! and YG! gettin shot don’t hurt as much as ya’ll niggaz be acting like. lil pussies!!

YG was like, oh shit! I'm shot! let me drive myself to the hospital like this is grand theft auto! lmmfao! that nigga — brazy!

(this ain’t no damn video game nigga! lol!)

love! *cheesin!*

(oh, feel free to run over the prostitutes!! that’s my favorite part of that video game! watching those hoes!! scream!! lmmfao!)

Does David Duke know who Emmett Till was? He was this YOUNG MAN! 14 years young! who got caught, whistling and winking at a white — grown ass!! — woman. And, that white woman child molestor!! was tryna get some of Emmett Till’s dilznick! Married whore!! REALLY! And I’m not going to show that pic. Of what the KKK did to Emmett Till cuz I’m gonna break my computer. Again! And even though I have the money for a new one. I really don’t want to waste another thousand bucks getting upset over murdered black boys! and men! So David Duke can look up the picture himself.

Cuz David Duke, even knows, that was WRONG!

Paris Climate Change — Transnational! Intersectional! Meeting of the Nations! — I disagree, 4hunnid! With withdrawing!!

And, so does the majority of America!

This? I agree with!

“For a nation that was the first in flight, it’s reasonable to ask: Why are we falling so behind in #Infrastructure?” — Paul Ryan

Um, David Duke?

“ ‘Diversity’ is [not] the code word for white genocide.” Whoever that dumb ass nigga was!! Another dumb ass nigga!! lmao!

White people come from Black people. Really. You obviously studied history of Yacub like oppression (the real Yacub was a black man who wanted to be a white man, btw. lmao!) And not biological and cultural anthropology. Or, you would know that. *side eye*

(Is David Duke really part of the KKK ya’ll? I be watchin his videos sometimes. “Israel: The Promised Land for Organized Crime” lol! It’s not the Jewish people dude. It’s their Nazi government!! And he’s right. Muslims are invaders. Super colonizers. They just as oppressive as Jews!! and Christians!! You don’t follow their dumb ass shit? They’ll kill you!

That’s why I’m a — pagan! ISIS! The REAL Isis! lol!

I wonder how my homie, Peter Wahl is doing! That nigga like, 7 feet tall! lol And he was always smiling! And when I asked him, dude! what do you have to smile about? You watched your parents decapitated — by muslims!! — right in front of you. (Just like in Somalia!). He was like,

I’m alive! And so are you, erica!

True! lol!

He seems like a nice enough guy in his all white town. Or something. lol! He doesn’t want the “mixing” of the “races”. Which, I personally find very offensive. And extremely misguided. Considering I wouldn’t exist! But, it’s his opinion. Long as he ain’t tryna KKK nobody. Like Jessikkka Moore!! The devil!! I’m cool. And don’t get us mixed black people confused! I like everybody! Pretty much equally. Based on character — only!)

Black Baby names! lmmfao!

I’m not the substitute though, or the after school program, watchin paint dry and tryna rap to little boys in high school — hoe!! “I pile them all into my car, and give them rides…” up my pussy!! I’m sure you do!! Ya skank child molesting whore!!

“where’s D-Nice at?”

“you mean Denice?”


“You think you know hip hop?!” What’s, Talib the non scholar, think he’s schoolin me on something I don’t know? Um, no. He’s not. And he should start listening to lyrics. Cuz this is what I’m doin! (I’m not drunk nigga!! I just bought some Bushmill’s *black bush*! to go with my homemade stir fry! China! China! China! Chinatown! lmao!)


Oh no! Mumia Obsidian Ali! You cannot be using someone else’s name to make yo money. You gon’ have to give her a cut of that homie! Her paypal is feminista jones. Just send her the cash! Why didn’t you just ask to collaborate! That woman has a job! More than one! (That’s why you like her, huh? Cuz she ain’t tryna steal these niggaz money having hoe moments!! Well, there are lots of GOOD! women besides her. I’m very sorry. But, you really gotta do a lot of hard work to find a good woman. Most of these hoes!! Don’t give a fuck about no man. All they want is your money and some dick!! I’m sorry. I know, you gotta filter through a whole bunch of them. I been doing the same shit for the last, almost 5 years. While puttin the hoes in check!) Have a great day! I gotta book my spot! I’m goin bipolar brazy! One United! West Coast! lmao!

I mean, I like her dad! A lot! But she my favorite boxer! And she got a man and a kid! And is very intelligent. And she was laughin at these crazy ass black baby names as well. *Shrug* I don’t know what the hell she apologized for! You name your twin babies hennessé and alizé. You drunk as fuck! In the damn hospital at that! lmmfao! They funny!

Who said women gotta be hoes?

We gon have problems with this video. Cuz I’m on the red team. And am purple! lmmfao!

Laila! Mah! food! Damn skippy! lmmfao!

She got a little booty! hahahahahahaha!

FJ! Stop! Are you joking? I AM ROLLIN! hahahahahahaha!

That nigga is bipolar as fuck! lmmfao! Look at his name!

Mumia Obsidian Ali? Now I want to hear what he gotta say! lol! “The voice of the everyday brother”. aka, I’m tired of you hoe moment whores!! Ya jobless ass hoes!! Making “art”. And puttin your hand out for my money! Cheatin on me and shit!! Then, callin me trash?! You lucky I don’t whoop yo ass!!

Ditto! I’m on your side — for that! ALL OF YOU!!— -EQUALLY! — MEN AND WOMEN!! I am done with you pigeon brained hoes!!

Listen homie. FJ don’t want you to bother her. You need to stop harrassing her. She owes you no explanation. But she’s about to get married anyway! She got a son and all that! I don’t know what you’re thinking? But you need to find youself a good woman who doesn’t lie to you, cheat on your, or steal from you! And, listen homie. People out here dying!! Cuz of some hoes!! So do not get on twitter, and start hittin up these 1/2 naked women. They got a whole network, homie! Wrap that shit up!

  1. ask to see these hoes with no makeup! that’s a good start! if you can’t look at them with no makeup (not FJ! she already taken! got it?!), then you can’t fuck wit those chics. period!

2. and avoid any site that even mentions prison!! free my people! got it?

And don’t start stalkin me. Cuz i’m already on my way to Cali! And you don’t wanna fuck with those niggaz. Really! Or me! Cuz you see that Ali at the end of your name? Well, I’m “Laila”. Not the real Laila Ali. But I be gettin busy — and am pretty — like her! Okay! Squad! lmmfao!