“for: talib kweli, and heartbroken. cuz i’ve bought every album he’s ever made. except the free one: ‘fuck the money’ with the american dollar, dollar bill ya’ll…folded, into one…WHO you capitalizing on? lol”

there’s NOTHING

you can do to me. why you mad? cuz you’re a harem nigga? accumulating women for your



listen, i didn’t ask for this shit. and i will

teach/fight you till the death.

if you do not come


if you insist on defending women,

you fucked. while passing over your


like, happy happy joy joy “i’m a feminist/womanist!”

if i can fuck you?

when your wife ain’t been promoted, on your twitter, not even

one time…

and she’s an awesome dj…

gonna say HER name

(for your mind)

you will die, in your twitter heaven of fighting folks,

who ain’t done shit to you,

but speak their truth,

and try to defend themselves...



and you’re

bipolar. as a muthafucka.

i will NOT let anybody,

touch your music.

stick to THAT. it’s what you’re



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