“for women who write their own speeches” (while their father’s minimize their existences lol)

— dedicated to nipsey (V) and YG.

i, am not interested in him. i’m totally not convinced that those 4 businesses he bankrupted make good business for our country. and the future of women’s money.

vodka, doesn’t impress me as much as all these workers…who drink it to stay sane. you know, cocktail hour, networking, to beat the baby blues?

are, you saying that you aren’t the brains behind all those boys? don’t give yourself enough credit, for all that pushing of planned parenthood — labor?

nope, i ain’t hearing it. i know it’s you.

killing, anyone, goes against my ethics. dropping bombs to obliterate innocent children on their way to school, is not what i’m about, or — what i do.

and, i have a feeling that you don’t play that either. so, i’ll be thinking of you as you cast your vote for jill stein. on the DL. you know, the non religious jew. lol a massive solution to this rampant capitalism that’s taking over the planet: taking the air and clean water, giving us monsanto destructor seeded food, should your not vote with your conscience, that is telling you: love rules.