i am going to forgive all of these abusive men and women in hip hop? whether they apologize for their abuse, or not. because i am a good woman who does not abuse men, or women, in the industry for my hoe moment money.

i make my own money. teaching marginalized students. because i went to school to do this, on my own hard work and merits, and a fellowship. i happen to be a talented writer — like so many others.

i am a poet, like many other excellent poets who attended cave canem. and am guilty of choosing the wrong men. who abuse women in order to gain access to the hip hop industry.

i am not interested in gaining access to the hip hop industry, or any men’s money. i just love the culture, because i am a part of it. and was in an incredible amount of pain for loving men who did not deserve me. and i am a very blessed and lucky woman. to not be damaged, permanently, by those men. who should never have entered my life: lying, cheating, and stealing.

donald trump is now president. and we have a lot to fight back — collectively — against. i will not take any blame, whatsoever, for writing to darryl phillips — manic. i was very sick. or, for dream hampton’s spreading of my writing — by seeking him out because she has known who I am for many years. darryl phillips was another man trying to gain further access to the hip hop industry. and dream hampton? has that. she read my poetry. sent to him, about the trans crew in my hood. who i love. one of whom was murdered. she thought? good idea! and when natasha miller, who is an excellent poet i don’t know, decided that she wanted to make a film about a trans woman who was murdered in her hood? dream hampton launched her plan…to steal her film. she used darryl phillips money, and excellent filmmaking skills to do so. and then, abandoned him too.

my ex — who she abandoned because he has a mental difference — told her about me. and she was jealous that he did not love her first. which was not a possibility? because i met him first. he is a very sick man. and she is partially responsible for the horrific acts he has committed to get back to her. and she has never apologized for her exploitation of him, and his mental illness, to build her reputation.

dream hampton is a very abusive and sick woman. who needs therapy. like her friend, jessica care moore. and i feel very badly for those women.

my version of a great america? looks nothing like donald trump’s. it isn’t what I wrote — at all. it is the opposite of what i wrote. and donald trump is pissed! at all of the abuse in the black and brown community. and is taking his bipolar revenge.

i will not be blamed for my private writing? getting into other people’s hands. what i will say is this?

try not bullying marginalized people, because you are jealous over men that you don’t even care about. and other people’s happiness. it is the incorrect thing to do. and it has had lasting repercussions. dream hampton. and jessica care moore.

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