fyi: i’m not the american idiot, jesse, i’m actually — highly intelligent and mixed blk — but you can’t even say that. you know who the american idiots are? ya’ll. mixed people who are so ashamed of being mixed? they don’t tell the truth about their origins. i can’t stand you. and you’re not funny. i don’t know who told you you were? but they lied. lol

that ain’t me. i am a brown woman, subjected to racism, misogyny, ableist discrimination. and this is my damn country as well. and i’m not doing jack shit but going to another one, to be with my man, and starting the paperwork process — immigration — so that he can be here with me. married. with his vegetable truck!

mind your damn business! you’re another one who thinks they can build off marginalized people’s lives. for evil.

you ain’t no ava duvernay, bout to direct *a wrinke in time* so shut yo ass up, and stop cheating on your wife! lol

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