fyi: it is FULLY possible to stand against systemic racism and the murder of blk and brn people, alongside like minded wyt people, and still smile.

Damn Jews!!! (I don’t do religion though. I just have mitochondrial DNA that saved me from HIV. This has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with ostracization because you practice one… in Europe, during the “dark” ages, when Jews were made to stay by themselves and were discriminated against — mercilessly — EXACTLY like Muslims are now.)

I’d like to thank the black women who knew all about what was happening to other women? And did nothing but write poetry, sell books, and make movies. You know — “Art” for humanity. And money for themselves. Try caring more than you do, about other people: their relationships, their well beings, their lives. Because ALL lives? Really do matter.

And if someone DOES happen to be in a happy committed monogamous relationship? Raising their children? Don’t try and interfere because you don’t know how to be loyal and faithful. Find a man who will fuck you and everyone else too. There’s lots of them. Thanks.

(taurus and virgo. we are currently in a big fight with each other, but eventually we will be fine again. like we’ve been since around aged 10. lol)

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