(race and class)

i assure you, the new blacks? in my neighborhood? don’t want any poor people, like me, around.

not good for property values. kids don’t even play together. and so, since their moms are always working working working? i kick in some effort, to teach the kids who don’t have all that, to tie their shoes and ride their bikes and plant ish in the community garden down the block, sometimes.

currently, i’m trying to figure out how to get my mind in check. and not be resentful towards my own dad who smiles in the white neighbors faces while you seethe inside. and supports men. while women do everything. sound familiar? i’m doing this so my dad will change that, so you will speak to your husband, so women who never get anything, but do the most? get what they deserve. and yes. i want to be paid for it.

except, i don’t even have a family who supports me. at all. they just call the police and try and put me in the psyche ward, where they force you to take drugs, cuz the pharmy industry is big business. and drugs don’t solve the problem of — abuse. and i have to do two things at one time. not get manic. and talk my way out of it. cuz i’m not crazy. and i’m probably older than you. i just LOOK young. young enough that when i was sitting helping a kid at his/her desk? parents i hadn’t met would walk in and ask “where’s the teacher?” lol. i prefer being in diversity. so i didn’t marry my martha’s vineyard boyfriend, though my parents really really wanted me to. not cuz he wasn’t a good dude. he was awesome. but i didn’t fit in. and i didn’t want to live like that.

why would you ever tell a brown woman who works works works. that she should not get paid for it? isn’t that a form of oppression for black and brown women? i’m attracted to women who have multiple jobs, no husbands supporting them, and raising children. and i am providing a service. for free! you’re reading, right?! lol i have never, ever, been paid one cent for my poetry. but i know it changes the world. are artists supposed to starve? lol

what the HELL?!

sometimes, it’s easier to be a white person. and i say that from personal experience. when you pay all your mother’s medical expenses — who has alzheimers — so she can stay out of a nursing home because you promised her that you would take care of her? and don’t get paid what your labor is worth, but help the black and brown people in your neighborhood trying to hold onto their homes? it’s not as easy as it looks. even for a white man.

we in the same boat. and i love you too. your story is stuck in my head, for all eternity. maybe you should just tell him how you feel. that’s what i’m trying to do. and btw, your son is super cute!!! stop attacking me. i’ve done nothing, at all, to you. lol!

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