All the time. Drinking is a placater for pain. Go easy. What you need more than anything? Hugs. From the woman you love. Me. They coming. Imma give you some shugah as well.

The REAL thing.

“I’m so lucky! Come here [love!] me girl” Lol! — YG.

No doubt! If any two people ever deserved love and a comfortable ass lifestyle. You and me. Righteously.



(I’m thinking bout these kids in ATL as well. But I don’t worry about them at all. Because they come from good parents and an excellent supportive community. They know — exactly — who both their parents are. And they have a highly educated black mom with multiple jobs! Who don’t be discriminating against people based on some dumb ass shit like skin color. I seriously doubt she spends all day and night long pretending she owns the city of Atlanta. And telling people she’s Black. It’s obvious! Lol! She also knows how to — -create — off her own life! And is not tryna copy me. So, thank the daggon universe! It’s a relief. Those are — her — kids. Not mine. Any little child molesting hoes touch them though? 😡 War! You crazy ass hip hop prostitutes!! Don’t you ever link no hip hop hoes to women who work! Fuck outta here wit your craziness!! You are — not — degrading no good black women with your lifestyles. Or tainting us with your skin bleaching, fake Rasta, I don’t know what the fuck I am. “Rockstar” nutty!!

Hip Hop! Ya super capitalist white supremacist hoes!! Is getting healthy! No Dream Hampton or Jessica Moore allowed. No sociopaths in our culture — at all! And ya — all — know why. Get a damn job!)


As long as this hoe remains the “spokesperson” for Detroit? That city is gong to suffer because no one wants to be linked to what she’s done. If she really cared about the people of Detroit? She would keep her mouth and legs closed. And get a job. But she doesn’t.

So imma watch as niggaz — in hip hop — cut this hoe off and she is forced to work. Then, Detroit will get healthy again.

I’m sorry. I don’t think Amazon wants to locate to a city with a sociopathic hoe as it’s “leader”. I am no “leader” of Boston. It’s a city of MORE THAN 600,000 people! If I wanted to “lead” a city? I’d run for Mayor.

That is Tito. And Marty.

Not me! And I abstain. Just because I don’t want anyone listening to what I say. Make your own decision — 600 THOUSAND — plus people in Boston.

Move to Compton. Those niggaz are super poor. They have no water. Socks. Or tshirts. There are only taco spots and liquor stores. And those kids — deserve so much better! Besides—their parents?

Have slave labor jobs! That city has suffered. Immensely.

Please talk to the mayor, Amazon.

Mrs. Aja Brown!



😁 get em love! What a revolutionary you are. Yo mama did such a — good! — job.


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