Can we see some receipts Ms. Hill. For what you’ve given back to black people in Detroit?

Ava, can we see some receipts for what donations you’ve made this year?

Issa? You have any donations you’ve made that you’d like the world to know about?


Jessica Moore?

Bad Demon?

Matter fact. Black only twitter women? I’d like to see some receipts for ANY MONEY you have donated to anyone. Ever.


Not retweets. And not “art”.

Gettin to the bottom of it baby! 😘

Thank you my love!

All these “successful” fake women. Trying to steal everything I love. All parts of my life.

Not this time hoes!!

Oprah — watch Stedman — around Ava. And all the hoes mentioned in my blog!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, sis.

Don’t say I didn’t warn all you good women with men you actually — love!

These hoes are SCANDALOUS!!


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