lmao! you are going to save lives all right. because picked on and bullied kids? become the strongest people on the planet. you’re gonna save your mom’s life too. she’s a very lucky woman. children teach us more about what real love is? than anyone. when you have beautiful children look at you and think you are some kind of god? you are. you don’t abandon them. you do your best to provide them with your love and support with the tools that you have.

even when someone blocks you from your babies (like my love, cheated on, treated like shit, working…working…working…) you still trying to figure out a way to support them. you still pay, you still try and visit while she chases you with a machete lol!, you still call her while she makes death threats against your family, disrespects your mother. and leaves them with her mom so she can do her.

but you can’t take them. not even for an afternoon.

he cries. but he never says a bad word about her. just, it will take time for her to get used to. and, she doesn’t understand what she did to me. and why i felt that i deserve love too. and, i never would have left her. but she made it clear she did not want me around. and, we’d been done. i lived 8 hours away for years and years, to escape her abuse. and, she didn’t want me, until i found happiness — with you.

lying, cheating, and stealing damages everybody.

he is my hero! TE AMO CABEZA GRANDE! LOL!!!

(donald trump, you see what a lucky man you are? you have all your kids, back now. you have the opportunity to build strong ties to all of them. change the world so that a diversity of people have, and can remain in, affordable housing. you can correct everything. you have an opportunity that few will ever have. that’s some shit money cannot buy. don’t you forget that.)

(this dude has learned more english in the past 6 months, than humanly possible. what silent period? lmao tu eres el mejor. i’m HIS number one and only. not everybody’s number one, and only. “is raining.” “i go to store” “i having my transludor.” “you, no, no, no, youuur words. yes. amor mio. yo estoy leyendo” lmao i’m going to call him right now. i got a poem for him. he needs to hear how much his support has meant to me. and how i won’t let him down. we are about to go through immigration? like champions! )

(the bottom line is? everyone has to do what they feel is correct and just. i have no ability to change anyone’s life path. i can only show you the things i’ve been willing to give up to create a better planet for everyone. i give up a lot. not “give up” on myself, donald...but sacrifice a lot. there’s a difference. because that’s what love is. to put others before yourself. to do the correct thing, even when it is the most painful. ya’ll gotta do what you think is just. i’m going to be happy with my family. and we can build together. that kind of support, after my family was stripped from me? me with the problem? no one else? laughable. it infuriates me. because the truth is so important to me. but i also know? it’s not my problem. i don’t have anything weighing on my soul. except you becoming president, because of some shit i had nothing to do with. private writing. privacy. very important. i will never support this gov’t hacking into people’s private phone conversations or writing. it’s violation of civil liberties.

listen dude, the few people who will roll for you? are invaluable. that’s everyone. people have 5 millions followers? and 3 real friends. lol believe it. i got my small crew of heads. they have my back at all times. and I’M urging a man, who has more money than he’ll ever know what to do with? to let go of his ego?! i’m eating ramen noodles with vegetables! figuring out how to pay for my oil change and my phone bill. BYE FOOL. jks jks. lmao! :)