Good morning!

It’s gonna be an excellent Thursday! We are all pizza and dancing. Cuz, vacay. 😍Where I will work my slave labor job and spring clean, cuz a lot of shit is getting thrown out. In the basura. I want minimal shit.

And I have to organize my poems. They’re all in a plastic bin. A trash bin. The industrial kind you buy At Home Depot. All long hand. Lol! Maybe 1,000. I date them. I have about 200 that I think are worthy of a collection.

I’ve been thinking about self publishing them. I don’t want to start a press though. But that’s pretty simple, very little work, and pretty unoriginal — to do. I googled it. Lol and I have the upfront money (slave labor baby) to incorporate.

But people can’t eat poems. I mean some people can. Some people can live on poems and collard greens, and kale. While working their slave labor jobs.

Poverty is an experience that you never forget. Just like love.

You don’t forget love and hunger. Or kids who ask other kids if they want their school lunch/breakfast. So they can put them in their book bags, for later.

Have a great day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

(I don’t find Dream Hampton or Jessica Moore to be funny, at all. It might be because they fake it. Sociopaths don’t feel. The things they find humorous are like, not funny. I just look. Deadpan. Like how could anyone have thought this chic could be me? It’s insulting. And beyond me.

The black people I know who are actually black? Are really funny people. They have super unique senses of humour…and they pop out with shit that will have you rollin! Like, tears! Lol

So is this dude. Super funny! Omg! Lmao! How can you talk about someone trying to kill you, and still be funny?

It’s such good medicine! Laughter cures everything. I could not. stop. laughing! when he was lookin at that dude like,

‘I don’t know about this shit. What’s this nigga’s name again? 🤔 What the fuck? 🙃Fuck it. Imma tell this nigga the story. Then I’m out this bitch. Roll to get some Mexican, smoke a blunt at the studio. Call my baby mama, check on my kid…”

that’s what he was thinking. Really.

Simple shit.



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