I did such a good job raising my brother. I don’t know why her head is in a bubble. But, whatever. Lol!

Lol! Camping boy.

Adios! Try not fucking other people’s husbands!

You’re right. After all the shit your ass tried to pull. I don’t. You have no clue what sistahood is. Go do your makeup and eat some “snacks”. Hoe.

Lol how’s this, Zahira Kelly. You're a hoe. — erica monteiro. Everything I’m teaching little girls not to be. I want little girls to know they can be anything they want to be without ever having to sell their bodies.

One thing Harmony will never be? Is you.

Honest enough?

Gotta be an HIV spreading uneducated hoe. With fake body parts. Who lies, cheats, and steals.

Hip Hop 101.