Holla! He’s trying!



That’s Dream Hampton’s boyfriend. A pre op transsexual. Trudy? Jessica? Feminista Jones? Ava? Bad Demon lady?

Ya’ll want a orgie wit this nigga?

What are you?? Really?? You ain’t on *drag race*


Don’t you dare ever wear this. When I come home from work? And you on the bed like this?

It’s on and poppin. Erica Ali! (I love Laila Ali! She is so dope! She’s beautiful! And she will knock you hoes out! Tag team!)

I do not want to hear about Ahi Ali. Ever again.

He is NOT Muhammad Ali!

Totally different man! 😡


Oh, you can’t fire someone because they call you a white supremacist, Donald Trump. But is it disingenuous of Jemele to call you a white supremacist, and not Shaun King. And members of black lives matter making that super capitalist money off the murders of black and brown people?

Of course. Especially when she laughs about being fake. Like P. Diddy. Or the countless other niggaz in hip hop who supported you. But then dissed you instead of coming to the White House and addressing you face to face.

They scared.

I ain’t.

I know you love black people. But the way you’re going about it, as a rich white man, is all wrong.

I’m a mixed black chic from the hood. In the hood. Still.

I say what the fuck I want to these niggaz. And they hoes.

Clean yo shit up. It stinks. Like fat GMO 🐷 booty.


“I am a revolutionary. I am not the 🐷” — Fred Hampton, black panther.

Guess who else understands why he’s only having 2 kids.

With his face like, 😳

Is that’s what she’s dealt with while I’m at work, telling women about their bodies, and how my wife is pregnant, and abortion is wrong.

This is his face: 😮

Ben Shapiro.

(Mor is getting that EXTRA LUV! Winning!)


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