Hablame? More middle class private school pimp player shit. Ugh!

You’re not my type.

This is my type. But older. YG don’t give a fuck if I call myself what I am. Truth! Mixed black. The only people who have a problem being honest about who they are? Liars, cheaters, stealers, HOES! Get it now?

I don’t have your #. And if I did? I would txt you Talib. And tell you to stay away from hoe’s.

They’re dangerous to regular black people. Which is the majority. Now i’m going to school. You are not on my syllabus. And I don’t play your music while setting up my class.

My mind immediately goes to how you defend some unrighteous hoe moment hip hop chic, who refuses to stop riding me and my words. So she can break up marriages, fall “in love”, have something to write about — until she’s on to the next dude.

There’s no justice in any of it. That’s how I know what you spit, and what you live? Two different things.

I just don’t like your music anymore. It’s a bunch of lies. I actually live what you talk.

And once and for all: words are not actions. (That applies to you as well Donald Trump. Lot of shit to talk. Let’s see what happens.)