happy. thank you dad! ❤ *smile*

i’m not letting anyone treat me like shit ever again. i’ll repeat it again. i am an american. i’m not going anywhere! you know why? because i know who i am. the best woman those dudes ever had, or ever will have, on their side. you think you are protecting me from being hurt by those men and women again. and i am telling you, those men? will never hurt me again. they’re not leaving their wives or girlfriends. i told you, i will take the pain of that. they understand, that the world depends on their loyalty to their partners. the way i am loyal. i get it. also, my kids aren’t going back to africa, or central america, or anywhere else in the world. they’re staying right here, in america. they want to be americans! lmao!

everything that’s american? my kids are absorbing. like sponges. they are doing an excellent job of it, too. and contributing their own cultures to this country. that’s what america is. i can’t wait till party day. when all parents bring in food from their native cultures. and i bring in macaroni and cheese (nana’s recipe) and collard greens! lmao! (no meat for me. they think i’m crazy! lol! vegetarian is a tough word and concept. they like pollo, carne, y cerdo.)

let’s be very clear that i’m their teacher. and no one touches that little boy. i love him. he gets bullied all the time. and i protect children, from bullies. i’ll go against a mother. if i know her child is being bullied into something that is not for him. quiet kid. doesn’t like to be pushed, but is contantly being thrown into things that he does not want to do. a lover of humanity. equally. a kind soul…who misses his dad. he’s an earth sign. a strong foundation is everything. security. and peace and quiet. insular and private. i get it. let him be him. let him see his dad. the dudes i rock with? have their fathers and mothers. i don’t settle for anything less. they love their kids. dads. and protect them, at all costs. they ain’t leaving them or their partners. either. to run away, anywhere. they are kings, now. righteous men. women gotta shit all over them, before they’ll leave. to make a better life for them. here, in the USA.

i love them, donald trump. the dreamers. they’re MY kids. please don’t listen to folks who misconstrue who i am. or follow my words and try and steal pieces of my life. they are allowed to recycle themselves on their own merits. that’s it. hurting no one.

my students know me best. as do teachers. and administrators. they know that i’m no racist. i encourage them to write poetry about police brutality. and when a cop father runs up on me? i do not sue the school system over his bright red headed daughter. i protect her too. folks know that i fight for my kids. ALL of them. till the death. we do restorative justice circles where EVERYONE has a chance to be heard and listened to. and, i will not quit. i’m not a quitter. or a cheater. or a liar. or a stealer. i’m here. in america. haven’t been out the country since last december. dealing with it all. i’m at home, taking another day off (which i cannot afford) to do WORK. not party.

what type of world do you want your kids and grandkids to live in? a world where people love and embrace each other, and help not harm? or a world where people just keep lying, cheating, and stealing.

i forgive them dude. they’re damaged. like you!

you don’t punish everybody for the misdeeds and abuse of a few! you become a better man and do the right thing for everyone! and you’re having a really tough time! the kkk is not my friend! neither is guiliani! more damaged men!

what exactly is your plan? to try and get them to redeem themselves too? is that what this is all about? men who commit evil, who want to be redeemed and forgiven? like that poet?

tell them to listen to this. this song and all these happy black and brown people? make me laugh! look at how diverse we are. some of us can dance, some can’t lol! some are light, some are dark. they all african though! lmao!:

call rosa clemente. see if she’s willing to work with you. it is her choice. that’s freedom. and she will not be punished by anyone if she says no. i would reach out to her? but i don’t have her information. and i’m too afraid to reach out for help anymore, because when i have tried? doors slam in my face. i do everything by myself. and look at others who try hard to do good for others and draw strength from them. completely silent. the way i will remain.

i think she should be on your team. she can help, teach, and make some moves towards justice. she’s a fighter and has been in politics for a minute. i know you respect strong black and brown women. she knows what’s up. besides, you’re both bipolar. you have something in common. *side eye*

don’t even think about causing her any damage. you will feel the wrath of my madness. good woman. not evol. i spell love as forward progress. (in english, anyway lol!)

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