You have — zero — responsibility for everybody’s bills.

You are responsible only for what they want to do. Tangible (meaning, real! Stuff that you can touch, taste, smell, feel) to set themselves up.

Your family is not allowed to live off of you.

You are not their slave.


(I’m about to whoop yo mama’s ass! For kickin you out the crib. But now, she wants your money? That you had to do things you did not want to — to get? It’s sensitive. A sensitive topic. But my kids come before — everyone! Including, they mamas. 😡)

You have your own goals and vision.

And you — will — go back to school. There is nothing “stupid” about you.

You — learn — differently. That is all.

A teacher’s responsibility? Is to adapt to your learning style. It’s harder to do this. When you’re under attack. Globally.

But — quite easy — in a classroom.

That needs to be capped (maximum capacity for one teacher? 24 kids. That’s it! 😡)

I want that teacher’s name on a track.

And I want him — FIRED! !— from the NYC public school district.


SHE! Should have been your teacher. My “cousin”.




(we both smoke American Spirits. And like whiskey. Lol! She’s a lesbian. But she’s NOT a sexual predator. And I LOVE HER! She is the best! [besides YG!] and no, we did not have sex. Cuz I’m not a lesbian!

her and my other lesbian “combahee river collective” homie!

Drea! Drea Brown! Who has completely — disappeared — off the face of the planet.

POETS 4 REAL! Nothing — stolen!! 😡

Come back DREA! 😫)


Ain’t no poly pan dicks in them for book publishing nothin!! 😡


Happy new year DJ Envy and Gia!

Please look out for Cardi. Her fam is stealing all her money!


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