You are codependent. I am independent. Ya’ll are codependent upon some niggaz paying you for punnani. Then insulting them. I have a job. There is nothing scary about a man who supports you and reads your blog. He did not stalk me. Ya’ll the ones with the stalkers. That’s mostly what you do. Complain.

Jack! You mayonnaise faced muthafucka. We are being harassed because we are BLACK WOMEN! Lying. 😒

You are being harassed because you spread HIV to unsuspecting human beings. And you have the — nerve — to call men trash.

Stop scoping my man trans lady. His name is not frank. That’s some other dude you scopin. Go do your “vaginal interlocking”. Or makeup. Or exercise putting Popeyes into you mouth.

When’s the last time either one of you took a walk. “I can’t walk because I have hip…” some shit. Oh. But you can put your legs over your head when ya’ll bouncing on that bed. If there’s a man paying for that?

Ya’ll turn into them!



It’s called — TEAMWORK! Not tag team work. Teamwork! You know what that is? Probably not. You ain’t no teachers.


Hardly DL hoe. I mean you’re the bougie hip hop professor. You don’t ever focus on your students grammar? I see you switched your mic to the left hand. Cuz truth is hoe, you really right handed.

I’m the lefty. But not super left, at all, in my politics. That’s prison culture/Dream Hampton. On twitter. You know that hoe? Shaun King and Colin Kaepernick do. I bet you some of his “police brutality” money is going to fund her living in London.

Cuz you know, that hip hop hoe has disappeared again.

You didn’t know?


But actually when I was referring to Cardi B? It had nothing to do with grammar. It had to do with her — thinking — that she’s actually a vocabulary. Just like she — thinks — she’s one of my students. Just like she — thinks — she can lie cheat and steal. Just like Colin Kaepernick. Just like Jay Z. Just like Shaun King. Just like Jessica Moore…

Just like a whole shitload of HIV spreading whores.


You didn’t know kids don’t want HIV? They don’t. They want a CURE for hiv. It’s not an easy life. To be hiv positive. And some people are so good about it? That they confine themselves only to hiv positive people.

And then they fall in love with someone, who they think is hiv positive. But isn’t. And are like, oh shit! I thought her ex’s infected her. Omg.

She loves me! And she doesn’t have hiv!

I didn’t think it was possible because I was — raised — BY BLACK PEOPLE! — to protect other people. And to not have unprotected sex with anyone who’s not hiv positive.

And to never spread it. Because where does BLACK do that at?

Which is why he got so upset. Because it goes — against — the way he was raised.

Which makes me love him, even more.

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