Look what I found. My mom’s homemade apple cider. White people drank! Lol!


In the fridge till tomorrow. I has so much good healthy erbs and spices in it. 😋


This is how you can tell niggaz who really been through some shit. And those who pretend they been through some shit.

The only time niggaz go to prison? Is when they serving time or visiting they peeps. No one is going to Alcatraz to the sunrise nothing 😒.

That niggaz discovery of his blackness has taken on epic proportions. He is in solidarity with Indigenous Americans for the first time in his life. 😒

I secretly think he’s in love with me. He copy everything I do. Oh, let’s protest on behalf of native americans now?

Niggaz don’t like prison. But since you never even been in a holding cell, let alone with super publicity from the media. Knowing exactly what’s gonna happen to you. You gettin out. A slap on the wrist. Bitching about a missing backpack or getting paid a settlement. Or some dumb ass white boy privileged shit. Have fun. I guess. Yo asses makes me sick. I’m sticking wit my

“Zaddy” 🙃🙃

please 😒


This is the day YG found out I was going to the beach wit my homie, right around this time, from 7th grade to camp out. Get high. And catch up. After two years.

That is so sexy…I just love how possessive he is. It’s such a turn on.


Have a good night ya’ll. I looked at one straight up lie on me, from a hoe. And it almost ruined this relaxed and mellow mood I been in. Don’t feel like “snappin necks for some”:

All the black men boo’d up. All the Black Women and one Jew just looking at each other like…😕

1) my cuz being entertained by some nigga who thinks he’s gettin some (lmmfao! Wrong) at:

1) tsunami dipped to go have drinks and flirt with the Indian and black dude she told to both meet her there 😒. She has some new condoms she got from Japan. One of them will get lucky. All that meat on her bones is a secret weapon. We should do something about that 😒. Does her makeup look okay? 😒

1) And i’m in my tartan one piece with the feet and my hair on fleek bout to write a:


In the hood hood.

I was gonna take a walk down the block. House party. But I do not feel like niggaz askin me why I am in my pajamas. And I do not feel like playing call of duty this evening wit a bunch of smoked out goons. 😒 I do love my niggaz tho.


My parents are going hard. I think they just turned that ish into an old people 70's/80's dance party. 😒 They need to go to bed. My dad called me to let me know my mom forgot the pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato and cherry pie. And yams.

And i’m at home like, hope you MARRIED people are having fun. Last year my cuz was all into it. This year she like

i’m out this bitch these people make me sick! 😒


They over there making cocktails and dancing and shit. Who am I supposed to dance with? My shadow?

My parents need to stop. For real. 😒


I will not be on the front lines in your struggle against “the white man”. Not sorry. I have a different struggle. For black and brown and poor white people. Not sorry.

My cousin wants me to tell her more about Paul Ryan tomorrow 😒. Like, I think you right. He is part Native American. 😳

I love my little cuz so much. She can copy me. 😫


My cousin looked so cute for her date. She got on sweats. No makeup. Lip gloss. A “cambodian” people hair Bantu knot on her head. Classic construction timbs. Over Irish wool socks. And a dark blue north face bubble vest. With thermal and silk long underwear. And two silver bangles.

She looks just like me.

I shoulda waited for her to show from her girl Thadine’s. Oh well. Christmas? *shrug

My cousin broke out that bitch. She’s got a date. Lol! First holiday without her son. She brought me too much white people food. Maple syrup roasted carrots. Mac and cheese. Sweet potatoes. Homemade sourdough mini biscuits, and in the other container.

Collard greens and perogies. Stuffed with sauerkraut and Perogies stuffed with potatoes and cheese. Uncooked. So I can boil or fry them. In the freezer. I’m straight on the smoked herring greens. I had a shitload of super salad today.

You can copy her food. I’m not sharing my skills. You want my food. You can eat it wit me. 😁

And this is what she packed it in. Tryna be funny.


My mom is a super scorpio. Lol!

The camera on my phone is all messed up. And I won’t be getting the iPhone 7 until this shit breaks. Or they force me to. I will not pay for an upgrade on my phone if I don’t need one.

Have a good evening! Gotta call up a few of my people’s to check on them and they fam and get ready to send my holiday cards which is a huge production for me every year. Written holiday cards. And eat this plate I forgot to make and bounced on.

They have a lot of really dope ones by artists out there.

These are fabric covered. Kinda fly.

My cuz is dropping off my food sometime around midnight I presume. black people. 😒 lol I’m hungry. Now. Bout to defrost one of the two plates I left for myself from my Thai extravaganza. Lol Dueces.

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