here’s another man who can’t stand you…and he’s in your own damn party!!! lmao!!!

he’s been doing his best to reason with you. but you don’t listen. ironhead. lol

i have no idea why you retweeted #abetterway , for a “confident america” and her personal relationship with her doctor — twice. you are too funny! i’ll give you a hug. i’m not afraid of you, at all. or, you tryna “grab [my] pussy”. lmao! i dare donald trump to try and grab elizabeth ryan’s pussy. this nigga will kill you. lol!!!

get em elizabeth!!! lol!!!

i’m #1. we in the age of aquarius homie. women who work. and there’s nothing wrong with me. i just need a good hybrid strain of marijuana, and i’m all set. something’s wrong? with abusive men. bout to puff a fatty right now. but i do agree with that comprehensive, universal, congress style healthcare for everyone. including the ayn rand’s of the country. and her “illegal” immigrant behind. (i don’t have any problems with ayn rand, btw. her philosophy was very much individualistic and capitalist centered because she was a marginalized woman. and she wanted to get paid for her “individual” efforts.)


just a little reminder. cuz i actually read what i speak on…

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