here’s another song i can’t get enough of (don’t sleep on the white girl. i’m not being passive aggressive towards HER. i’m not. at all. i think she’s a BEAST, and beautiful. just like her dad does. i want her to take over every last thing in her family. lol)

only line i’m not feeling? is the father god stuff.

i pray to my nana. and it’s not changing.

love thick girls. but, my nana was thin. slim. and didn’t have much of a booty. she was black though. blacker than a lot of people.

my nana loved everybody, equally. you should see how much she did for my family. especially my mother. tea anyone?

i think there needs to be a BIG ASS PORTRAIT OF



not yours,

in my parents house. as a reminder.

start drawing!!! lol

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